6 Sex Game Deals You Can Disrupt Right Now (2021)

It is the national masturbation habit Month! I know this sounds weird, but basically, this is a month for some self-reflection about the deeply stigmatized but almost universal act of self-love. It all began when then-President Bill Clinton sacked then-surgeon general Joycelyn Elders in 1994 for suggesting that masturbation should be part of sex education. Retailer Good vibrations May 7 celebrated National Masturbation Day in her honor, but has since expanded into a month of international extravaganza.

Everyone should feel safe and comfortable spending time in self-love and openly talking about it. Strip your stigma, talk about it, and celebrate it. It’s 2021! We live in a global pandemic. Who has time for Victorian social norms?

Due to the holiday, May becomes a good time of the year to buy sex toys at a steep discount. There’s a lot to sort out, but we did our best to highlight the best sex toy deals from some of our favorite brands.

Updated May 20: I have removed several games that are no longer for sale and added a Lora DiCarlo Tension Tamer, Lelo’s Ina 2, and Tiani 24K deal, and a store-wide Tenga deal.

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Sex Technology Deals

MysteryVibe Crescendo for $ 149 ($ 50 off): Crescendo is one of my favorites. It is a versatile game for all kinds of toys, all kinds of genitals, and all kinds of body parts. It has six internal drives, which just doesn’t mean it’s powerful. This game can offer handcrafted up and down vibration patterns along the length. You can customize it or choose from pre-set styles.

MysteryVibe Poco for $ 99 ($ ​​30 off): Poco is a small game, like the travel-sized version of Crescendo. It is flexible, you can bend it easily into a position that uniquely fits your body, and it features two separate motors to obtain powerful vibrations regardless of how you bend it. It is a good choice for vulva and penis.

Lora DiCarlo Tension Tamer Pack for $ 130 ($ 30 off): This package includes Lora DiCarlo’s unique “clicker” game, which simulates flicking with a fingertip. It’s a great option for clitoral stimulation and definitely an experience worth checking out. The package includes a Coconut Oil based lubricant and Coco Liquid Massage Oil.

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