Farewell to Internet Explorer – and Good Riddance

This week Microsoft Finally a move that was Years in making it: The company He said The web browser Internet Explorer will retire on June 15, 2022. IE was launched in 1995 and has been preinstalled on every Windows machine for nearly 20 years starting in 1997. But its ubiquitous ubiquity should not be confused with its popularity. IE had issues with speed, reliability, and performance, not to mention the Endless procession From Deeply problematic Security issues.

“Another security-related browser error has been detected, and it is the sixth affecting Microsoft Internet Explorer this month,” WIRED Wrote In March 1997. Not only that IE had its bugs. This is sorry reputation It came from Microsoft’s practice of bundling IE into its operating system while simultaneously flirting with best practices for browser development and then failing to quickly promote and distribute patches. Even recently, when browsers like Chrome used to receive updates as needed, Microsoft only updated IE once a month.

IE has long since fallen out of favor. Microsoft has spent five years cutting support for various versions. But As of NovemberThe browser was still the fourth most popular desktop computer, with a 5.2 percent market share, ahead of Apple’s Safari, according to data from web analytics company NetMarketShare. And the attackers still Active targeting of residual IE hardware fragment. That’s why Microsoft will need to move more users away over the next year. And those who stay after that will remain exposed in the long run.

“In recent years, we’ve still seen exploit groups targeting vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer through malicious advertising campaigns,” says Cedric Owens, a longtime security researcher and team leader Red. This then leads to Windows hosts being compromised with ransomware or malware that steals information. Microsoft’s move away from Internet Explorer is a good thing. “

Microsoft is trying to push its users towards edge, Which is the IE alternative that debuted in Windows 10, Since 2015. I did it again this week. Microsoft Edge Sean Lyndersay Program Director wrote in Blog post On Wednesday, IE’s End of Life plan was announced.

But like many others Microsoft products proliferated in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Internet Explorer has taken a long time to die.

If you remember a file Long goodbye to Windows XP, Which is a project It’s still going on a lotIn this article, you’ve got a preview of what’s likely to happen with Internet Explorer. Microsoft 365 and other apps will end support for all versions of IE on August 17th, and Internet Explorer 11 will be completely discontinued a little over a year from now. But even then, versions of Internet Explorer will still be present on computers that are not receiving updates, possibly including those in manufacturing and critical infrastructure settings. And it’s still a fraction of a percentage that represents a lot of devices when there are billions of Windows devices.

“While most vulnerabilities go back several years, users will likely not stop relying on Internet Explorer, even when they are officially killed by Microsoft,” says Ryan Calmember, executive vice president of cybersecurity strategy at Proofpoint for enterprise security. Reducing the risk will require an active removal similar to what happened recently With flash“But we expect that the threat actors will continue to develop their tactics while targeting Microsoft users.”

Plus, as with Windows XP’s long swan song, Microsoft will actually continue to support some versions of IE for a little longer. Internet Explorer 11 will not lose support next year, nor will IE lose support in Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (Long Term Service Channel).

To deal with outdated websites built for this purpose according to IE specifications years ago, Microsoft has an IE mode in Edge that can still load pages. Overall, though, the average web user shouldn’t have major issues, or really any issues, when switching to any existing browser. But old habits don’t die easily, and Internet Explorer will likely chase your web breaks for much longer.

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