Easy ways to sell, donate or recycle your stuff

One of the newest markets out there, Swaba It is one of the most polished and professional technologies when it comes to changing anything electronic – in the case of phones, you only need to click a few buttons to indicate which model you want to sell. Show me your offer It makes selling anything from your phone super easy – just take a picture and fill out a form – while Bushmark A good bet on clothes.

If you’re happy to convert something locally, Facebook Marketplace and Next door They are two of the most popular options. You won’t reach as many people on eBay as possible, but you will likely have an easier and faster selling experience most of the time – these types of platforms are ideal if you are more interested in convenience than profit, and they are both straightforward to start with.

Abandon your things

Take advantage of the Freecycle network to drop your things.

David Nield via Freecycle

If you feel charitable, really paid for time, or both, consider giving your stuff up. You won’t have a lot of cash at the end, but it sure is fast – people will take almost (but not quite) anything if it’s free, and there are likely resources that you can use in your local area to make donations.

You can list your unwanted possessions for free CraigslistAnd the Facebook Marketplace, And the Next doorThat we have already mentioned. All three of these platforms are divided into local areas, and it wouldn’t take long to find someone in the neighborhood who would like to take a few things from you.

Since there is no money exchange, you don’t have to be very careful about the accuracy of your listing and the quality of the photos – the person who takes your item will not claim a refund, after all – but it is still courteous to describe precisely what you have and the condition in which it is.

Freecycle Network It’s also worth looking into if you have something to offer for free. Once again, the platform is split into local areas, and you can either browse lists for items people are searching to see if you have a match, or post a list describing what you’re trying to give up and watch if you get any takeers.

Local charities are another option for you, but be sure to check what they are and what they don’t accept before you drive a truckload of goods to a store. The website of your favorite charity should be able to tell you where your local store or delivery point is, and any instructions you need to know when it comes to donating items.

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