Chinese hackers attack the Uyghurs by impersonating the United Nations Human Rights Council

Chinese-speaking hackers disguise themselves at the United Nations in constant cyberattacks against the Uyghurs, according to cybersecurity firms Check Point and Kaspersky.

Researchers identified an attack in which hackers impersonating the United Nations Human Rights Council sent a document detailing human rights violations of Uyghurs. It’s actually a malicious Microsoft Word file that once downloaded brings malware: a potential goal, the two companies say, is to trick prominent Uyghurs within China and Pakistan into opening a back door to their computers.

Screen capture source: Check Point

“We believe the motive behind these cyber attacks is espionage, as the endgame was to install a backdoor into the computers of high-profile targets in the Uyghur community,” said Lutim Finkelstein, Cheek’s chief of threat intelligence. Point, in a statement. The fingerprint attacks are designed for all infected devices, including all [their] Running programs. From what we can say, these attacks are continuing, and new infrastructure is being created for what appear to be future attacks. “

Piracy is a weapon used frequently in Beijing’s arsenal, particularly in the ongoing genocide against the Uyghurs, which uses the most modern means of surveillance in the real world and online. A recent report by MIT Technology Review shed new light on another report A complex hacking campaign Which targeted members of the Muslim minority.

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