SimpliSafe Security System Review: Simple and Safe

we live in An era where anyone can Home upgrade With Smart screensAnd the Connected lights, And the Robotic vacuums No contracts or installation experts. So why shouldn’t we be able to create security systems to protect it ourselves as well? This SimpliSafe’s big promiseLet’s make us all DIY experts in our home security.

I’ve been living with the SimpliSafe security system for six months, which includes a security camera, entry sensors, motion sensors, a smoke detector, and a carbon monoxide detector. It also comes with a base station and keyboard that is the core of any SimpliSafe alarm system. The verdict? True to its name, though it’s not without its quirks, this is one of the simplest ways you can add some security to your home.

very easy

Setup is where SimpliSafe shines. If you are able to press an adhesive piece of masking tape to the wall, you can prepare any of the company’s tools in a very short time. Find a spot near the middle of your home for the base station, which acts as the mind of the entire system and also includes the alarm and loudspeaker for system status announcements.

The wireless keyboard comes preinstalled with sticky tabs on the back. Pull the back strap, stick it to the wall near the main entrance, press the pairing button, and pull the plastic tab to activate the battery. Once the base station and keyboard are paired, the system will guide you through setup via the accompanying app.

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Adding sensors is just like setting up a keyboard, and if you’re not sure where to place them exactly, the included installation guide has some helpful suggestions. Entrance sensors for doors and windows work. In a room with many windows, it is easier and cheaper to use a motion sensor. If you need more sensors, you can buy the sensors you want and attach them to the wall and hit the pair button. When you are moving around, the sensors are easy to disconnect and take with you.

I like that there are no wires to run anywhere, except for the base station that plugs into the wall. Everything else uses replaceable batteries, and these should last for a few years. The base station also has replaceable batteries as well as a cellular connection, so if the power goes out or you lose Wi-Fi, the system will continue to function. Its batteries will last for up to 24 hours and will recharge once power is restored.

SimpliSafe is free to use, but you can choose to pay $ 15 a month for monitored security, which gives you access to corporate surveillance centers run by real people 24/7. They will try to contact you, and if you need help or are not responding, they can choose to send the police, fire trucks, or ambulances over to your home. Another $ 25 / month plan adds an Few franchises, But it’s geared for people who use SimpliCam camcorders (more on that later).

Sensory overload

SimpliSafe has packages you can choose from with different types of sensors and devices, but I suggest starting with the Essentials bundle ($ 259) if you’re inundated with it. In addition to the base station and keyboard that comes in each package, it includes three entry sensors and a motion sensor.

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