15 Memorial Day sales on Smart Home Tech (2021): Robot Vacs, Roku, and more

are you trying To equip your home with cameras and lights that you can control with your voice? Or do you just want to make vacuuming, cooking, and streaming a little easier? Either way, there are a bunch of Memorial Day sale this weekend on products that can make your home smarter.

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Security Cameras & Smart Component Deals

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see our Guides for the best surveillance cameras And the The best smart plugs For more information and screenshots.

  • Arlo Q Security Camera for $65 ($15 off): when we were I tried this camera for the first timePrice ranged from $130 to $200. It’s since fallen to about $80 naturally, because Arlo has released the latest cameras, but we still love the Q. It’s compact and easy to use, and Arlo has a good reputation behind it.
  • TP-Link Kasa Spot Camera for $30 ($5 off): I really liked the Kasa cameras I tested, and they are very affordable. However, they do not currently offer two-factor authentication. This is probably fine if you don’t plan to put these anywhere you might take sensitive shots and are more interested in short-term use like watching pets when you’re not at home.
  • Monoprice Stitch Smart Power Strip for $20 ($5 off): Smart power strips are really useful for controlling a bunch of things all at once (or individually). This one Monoprice is also affordable and easy to discover in the app. It has four ports plus two USB ports, but the last two are not controlled using smart features.

Smart Speakers & Offer Deals

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