Bart Simpson is back in Bitcoin

There is an intense debate going on in the cryptocurrency market: It is the top of the Bitcoin bull market in? Bears drooling for cheaper coins say yes, while bulls intent on seeing stock flow forecasts say otherwise. But what is it?

There is a minor incongruity surrounding the topic: “If it’s the top, it sure doesn’t look like one.” And while that’s already true, don’t have a cow, man. We’re about to explain why Bart Simpson’s comeback started, as well as why the move happened the way it did.

“If This Is the Top in Bitcoin, It Doesn’t Look Like the Top”

Even if you are not a professional in technical analysis and cannot read a chart if your life depends on it, it is quite obvious tops and bottoms It hits a sharp point most of the time – indicating a recovery ahead and violence behind it.

Round bottoms are commonly seen but are a slow grinding process and tend to stretch over a long time frame.

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The shape and pattern of the recent Bitcoin “top” has puzzled many traders and analysts. Where is the blast stage? Where is the bearish retest? What kind of style is even this? All of these questions are used as firepower to make an argument This is not the top.

Alternatively, the spiky pattern with several sharp peaks in the resistance resembles the top of the head of a popular cartoon character: Bart Simpson.

Bart moves are back in BTC | Source: BTCUSD on via Twitter

I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?

Personal Bartholomew Jojo SimpsonBart, or Bart for short, made his debut on The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987 as a short film. A dedicated show that first aired in 1989 and has been running ever since.

The animated character is a television icon, and the show is a pop culture phenomenon adored by millions. Why then, When Bart Appears on Bitcoin Price Chart Are cryptocurrency traders upset?

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Bart moves, as society calls it, caused by low liquidity. During these phases, whales can easily drive price action through trading ranges. Bitcoin with a Market Cap of Over $1 Trillion tames the overall liquidity argument, but when order books are weak because of it Everyone carriesA whale can make waves just as easily as we’ve seen lately.

The higher time frame BART movement is the biggest ever and shows that more coins to be exchanged is necessary to further increase the price. Order books should be stacked for further ascent. At the moment, cryptocurrency is Back to the whale stadium Either until the buying or selling price goes up to the extreme.

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