How Gather is developing an ad-free web

Everyone is familiar with the modern web experience. Use a site that you don’t pay a subscription to, and you’ll get ads. Use a site that you pay a subscription for, and you often still get upfront ads. This traditional and old paradigm has been shattered by Gather Network users. As a user, once you sign up for the Gather website, you get paid based on the time you spend on the app or website where the site gets paid for your browsing. No single advertisement is served to the user while browsing the website.

The idea of ​​using the internet without monetization from a separate advertisement party feeding you with digital billboards is a strange idea. Bring digital input through processing power. Instead of negotiating the terms of the ad, Collect the network Hybrid POS and PoW are used to establish security and provide incentives to network participants by leveraging user idle processing power. Site visitors engage with a single click upon entry allowing them to passively share the idle computing power that is being accumulated in the Gather’s cloud. This allows both the user and the host site / app to earn money.

A new future

As we progressed into the final stages of capitalism, there has been an undeniable increase in advertising space and aggressive marketing in general. Not only does the Gather Network’s system of aggregating idle computing power allow website hosts to choose an ad-free medium, but streaming and subscription sites like Netflix can double revenue with Gather.

The option to use digital monetization via processing power will take a heavy toll on the news industry struggling with pay walls and squeezing ad revenue. Sites that have tried to revolutionize local sports news by hiring local reporters and creating flat subscription fees like The Athletic can now explore entry into the Gather ecosystem as an alternative monetization model.

Meet around

Gather Network governance and the parent token is GTH, which will be the default payment within the ecosystem. Gather also offers other Bitcoin and local fiat payments as and when required, and is collaborating with a variety of blockchain projects to include their native currencies as payment options.

The core layer of the Gather ecosystem is where the processing power of users is gathered from their Gather devices and in their own cloud. Moreover, there is the protocol layer where the stakeholders earn a return for providing the network security. Gather Cloud then redistributes the processing power to web / app clients in the cryptocurrency of their choice.

As the Internet and Web 2.0 are moving towards more improved layouts to attract advertisers, many sites never stand a chance of making any profit due to the functionality of their sites or the lack of paid subscribers. A new system has been enacted by the Gather Network to create a neutral playground and a new set of rules for sites or apps that the current system has denied.

The added value of helping users and the host get paid is the direction that consumers will choose in the future when the market realizes the potential for passive participation in a system that rewards all parties.

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