How to play on a PC when you can’t find a graphics card

lack of graphics getting worseThanks to the increasing demand from players and cryptocurrency miners, along with a host of other factors. Prices keep rising to ridiculous levels, and Nvidia says shortages will happen It will likely continue throughout 2021—which means you may not get this upgrade until next year at the earliest.

That’s a long time from now, which means it’s time to make some compromises. Here are the next best ways to fix the problem when you are unable to create a new system.

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If you must buy new: Get a mobile device or laptop

Let’s get one thing out of the way: If you’re full of money but can’t catch up with your GPU before the bots get rid of it all, you should consider buying a gaming PC or laptop. As a PC maker for over a decade, I never thought I’d utter those words, but given the current circumstances, this is your best bet for today’s top-tier graphics performance.

Since OEMs like Dell, HP, and others get their own custom graphics cards for sale in their systems, they tend to have a bit more supply than retailers selling standalone cards – although you may still need to wait a few weeks for the device to appear at your doorstep. I’m hesitant to narrow these options down to one or two given the fluctuations in pricing and shipping delays that may occur during the rest of this year, but I’ll start by looking at big box options like Dell G5 And the HP Omen 30L, plus more custom system integrators like iBuyPowerAnd the main gearAnd the CyberPower . Computer, or NZXT BLD . Building. You can also use something like Alienware Aurora R12 And the one pirate For a more compact device, as long as you’re willing to tackle the more difficult upgrade paths that come with the smaller form factor. We have a complete guide to Best gaming desktops, along with What you should know before buying.

Speaking of the difficulty of upgrading, gaming laptops are a viable option these days. If you haven’t checked the space recently, you might be surprised at the quality available. The days of hefty battery stresses are beginning to wane in the rearview mirror, and “thin and light” laptops are becoming more and more popular. Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 It is an incredibly popular mid-range model that works well for everyday use, while MSI G66 And the Razer Blade 15 RTX 3080 mobile sports chips for the best graphics you’ll find in a laptop. You can see more recommendations in our guide to Best gaming laptops. It may seem like a fad for the desktop user, but if you connect it to your existing monitor, keyboard, and mouse, it will do the trick.

If you have an older graphics card: Use the graphics scaling features

If you have a computer with an aging but limited graphics card, consider yourself lucky: at least you have a business card. Even today’s low and medium range cards like GTX 1650 Funnyly overpriced, so your best bet is to keep this card and tweak your games to perform “good enough” with the hardware you have.

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