FREE LEGO® magazine subscription for kids!!

If you have kids who love everything about LEGO®, did you know you can sign them up for a totally FREE LEGO® magazine subscription?! This makes our list of Top children’s magazine subscriptions!

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If you have kids who love LEGOS, I just want to remind you of them This is a great freebie!

Do you know you can Participation To get a totally FREE subscription to LEGO® Magazine?! There are no restrictions or conditions and it is 100% free!

(Okay, other than the fact that there’s definitely some marketing and advertising built into every issue about the latest sets coming out…so your kids might be excited about the new LEGO® sets on the horizon! ;))

Your first issue will arrive in 6-16 weeks. While the first issue won’t arrive in time for Easter, you can always print out the magazine cover photo and attach a little love note to your child!

What is LEGO® Life magazine?

This magazine It used to be called LEGO® Club Magazine but in recent years it has been rebranded to LEGO® Life Magazine.

It is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 9 years old. And after you provide your child’s date of birth, they will do so Receive these free magazines 4 times a year So that they are no longer within the age limit window. (And after that, they can download the free LEGO® Life app to use it!)

Each issue is packed with stories, activities, posters, comics, quizzes, creative building ideas, and more!

Kids can even submit their own creations to appear in the magazine!

A child holding a LEGO magazine

Kids LEGO® Loved Magazine

When they were younger, my kids absolutely loved it This magazine.

It’s always been one of their favorite magazines to get mail to, and it was so fun for them to get some of their snail mail!

I have fond memories of our three older kids hanging out on the latest LEGO® version and reading it cover to cover – especially Katherine!

This magazine was presented Hours of entertainment for all of our kids without spending a dime!


Go here to register your kid for a free subscription!

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