How to get started with vinyl records

RSD specials are usually pressed in small batches, which makes them very attractive to collectors, and people just interested in music can have a hard time recording one without planning ahead. full list This year is already over, and these presses are only available in independent stores. Keep in mind, though, no All The record store is participating in the event. The best way to find out if your local store will carry RSD versions is to go to Use the search engine to find participating stores. They also have a list of their current Covid repositories and protocols.

Use Discogs to keep track of your collection

Reviews It is the digital hub for all things vinyl. It is a marketplace, social media site, and encyclopedia for records and other physical media formats. The most useful thing about Discogs is that you can keep track of your group, and its database is until far away Complete, down to the different editions and editions of the same record. The site also gives you estimates on the value of your group as it grows and when stresses become scarce.

As a marketplace, your best hack is to find out what record stores are in your area to post their inventory on Discogs…and then contact them directly to purchase over the phone. If you are local, you can avoid the shipping fee and maybe even get a discount! Some places increase the price of records on Discogs to offset seller and shipping fees.

Use social media to find the community

After following the record stores on social media, you may find Instagram and TikTok recording accounts of collectors showing off their vinyl. This is the best way to Find your own virtual vinyl community. Posting your vinyl on TikTok can be the start of online friendships with music collectors, DJs, and other music lovers.

Your friends and family may not be as excited as you when you receive a new record in the mail or land that special stress in the store, but the online community will be ecstatic when you view it. Instagram accounts like vinyl addiction Also post vinyl alerts for new records and restocking.

Join top retailers

This might sound strange to someone shopping for music in the 21st century, but if you go to Target, Walmart, or even Urban Outfitters, take a look at their music section.

You’ll find a number of major vinyl artists in major department stores. Retailers have taken advantage of the vinyl market by releasing their own albums. These presses usually have a replacement cap and are a kind of different color, just to make them a destination purchase. This is a great alternative if you want a private version of a record but don’t have an independent record store in your area.

Buy only what you will enjoy

Vinyl can become an expensive hobby. Just because it’s trendy and growing doesn’t mean gear prices are dropping, or records are as pressed as they once were. It’s easy to find yourself piling up a lot of recordings that just end up gathering dust because they were great at the time, or you bought them thinking about their collector value rather than their musical value.

It’s better to start with a small collection of albums that you play over and over than to have a large collection of albums that you listen to once a year – or worse, forget that you own them entirely. In other words, take it slow. Vinyl isn’t going away any time soon.

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