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The most famous of the girls is distributed vision, the melting of the Internet, funded collectively, in part, by the thirst of fans. They’re little celebrity queens, charging $25 to $35 a month for “OnlyFans” girls or $25 for cosplay photos. “It’s one of those fantastical things,” he says. Rusty Fox, egirl with 1.5 million followers on TikTok. On her OnlyFans, the Fawkes posts cosplay-inspired rompers, tits on the outside, in wigs and kitty ears. She says this is not how girls play video games. We don’t do full makeup, wigs, and a darling in franks cosplay to zone out for some valuation. (Viewers sometimes indicate her console didn’t turn on.)

It’s an exaggeration. It is abstract. “They’ve been sexualized,” Fox says. “I mean, if that’s something you can market, and you want to market, like, why not?” In 2019, egirl Belle Delphine posted a photo of herself in the bathtub with a pink gaming console: Now I’m selling my bath water to all the boys playing games.” $30. sold out immediately. An enterprising PC manufacturer has sold water-cooled Belle Delphine PCs for $1,500.

This type of professional literature evokes a central question in its existence: is this liberation? Upstream from egirl, there are rococo-inspired Japanese baby girls—in fluffy dresses with donuts, Victorian Mary Janes doll, and lace stockings. It may look, in the face, like a child, the attraction of a male obsession with young women. it’s a lolita After all. Lolita fans might say it’s more disruptive than childish. It is an anti-male look. She’s a childish pervert, a head-to-toe protective shield against reality. More like dolls than humans.

If egirl dolls are dolls, people have a lot of fun getting dressed up.

egirls is perhaps the corollary of Donna Haraway’s 1985 e-feminist example: “Creatures are both animals and machines that inhabit natural and mysteriously made worlds.” Online cat girls in coordinating bedrooms. With a child’s high-pitched voice, there’s the 2018 egirl anthem for producer Senzawa, reminiscent of NSFW 2000s chatroom role-playing: Raw!! x3 nuzzles pounce on u / uwu u too warm. Was Haraway wrong?

Caldwell is firm that egirl is empowering. She doesn’t do it for men, she says, or for anyone else. And kids don’t have a monopoly on cute shit. People take everything very seriously. “Yeah, I’m playing,” Caldwell said in another meme on TikTok. She’s wearing a pink velvet bra with dangling bunny ears and short fluffy shorts. “I know I don’t look like your ‘typical’ player, but a lookThe camera pans to a video of her playing a video game on her gaming computer. She moves a sponge across a plate and bobs her head rhythmically.

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