Facebook bans Trump for at least two years

Facebook said Donald Trump will be banned from its network for at least two years, in a move likely to inflame tensions with allies of the former US president who accuse the company of censoring conservative views.

The ban was a revision from an unspecified previous comment by Facebook, which was criticized by the company’s “oversight board.” The board last month backed the decision to expel Trump from the platform but found fault with the lifetime ban.

Facebook said the new suspension will be in effect from the date of Trump’s initial comment on January 7, the day after Trump supporters attacked the US Capitol in Washington. The company had banned him from its platform to express support for rioters in the Capitol. The ban will only be lifted if the company feels the “risk to public safety has receded.”

“When the suspension is finally lifted, there will be a severe set of rapidly escalating sanctions that will be triggered if Mr. Trump commits further abuses in the future, including the permanent removal of his pages and accounts,” Facebook President Nick Clegg wrote. For global politics, in A blog post explaining the decision on Friday.

The decision came as part of an announcement detailing broader changes to the company’s policies on how it adjusts the rhetoric of influential public figures.

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