Patio ideas on a budget can liven up your outdoor spaces

Yes it is possible Transform your outdoor space For just a hundred dollars. There are plenty of patio ideas on a budget that can dress up a small apartment balcony or backyard. You can even take that money and create a garden.

6 ways to decorate the yard and yard

Upgrading your outdoor living space doesn’t have to be a few store-bought or expensive DIY projects. We have tips on decorating the garden and making your patio or balcony suitable for evening cocktails. Each of these projects will cost you around $100.

1. Pebbles are your best friend

If you want to expand your yard (assuming you have the space), don’t spend a lot of money pouring concrete or buying any lumber. Instead, take some gravel bags.

All you have to do is make sure the ground is level (or level with gravel), put some landscaping fabric on to prevent weeds, and then get rid of it! Buy some paving stones, and for under $100, you’ll get more space. You may have money left to use Other decorative elements.

2. Design your own outdoor rug

Outdoor carpeting can quickly become very expensive. The good news is that you can buy cheap ones, but they are often plain or come in faded colors (if you like taupe, all the power is for you). It’s best to look at your local thrift store or yard sales – make sure the color is light enough that you can paint over it.

Once you have the rug, get some exterior paint (or most latex paints will do). You can use a paintbrush, a sponge, or a foam roller – basically whatever you want to get the paint done. Stick the design, paint, and wait for it to dry completely. Set it together with the furniture.

3. Create a DIY solar water fountain

Don’t dig your yard or pull in a massive concrete fountain to create a great water feature. Buy a large, waterproof container to start—your local store has large plastic plant pots, or bring a galvanized tub.

Then choose types the plants You want, to make it look like a small pond, you can simply fill your container with water and add a pond or hydroponic plants. Otherwise, you can keep other types of plants in their original containers, arrange them however you like, and fill them with some pebbles and water.

Finally, get a solar powered water pump, preferably one with a long wire so you can position the solar panel where it will get the most light. This should cost you about $20. Make sure to read the product description before purchasing because different pumps will spray water differently. Install it according to the instructions, turn it on and enjoy it while sitting sipping a cold drink.

4. Create a patio shade cloth

No need to build or buy an expensive pergola if you are looking for shade. Buying and installing sturdy poles and placing a shade cloth over your patio can instantly transform your space (and keep it cooler).

If you just put the shade cloth on, it might look a little sloppy (and, dare we say, cheap). To make it look like a million bucks, add some string lights. Doing so makes your space look more inviting and provides you with light when you feel like you’re hanging out after dark.

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5. Build some pallet furniture

Afraid of DIY Furniture? You don’t have to worry when you have cheap pallets to the rescue (is there anything you can’t do with them?). In most cases, you can stack some together and add a few comfy pillows and you can have a nice sitting area.

If you want to get creative, you can take it apart and create more complex items. For example, you can install two boards in a row, cut another board to size to put on top and have a nice bar area for serving drinks.

Another idea is to cut out pallets to create a large box on wheels, large enough to hold the cooler inside. Adds a new twist to serving drinks. check this out Ideas and tutorials.

6. Chic and cheap cinder blocks

These seemingly boring materials offer plenty of flexibility and versatility when it comes to decorating your patio. Think of them as the building blocks for a variety of projects.

Instead of planter boxes, line some along the edge of your yard, fill them with dirt and plant your heart’s desire. You can even arrange slag blocks in a chair and stick plants inside the holes. Heck, even use them as bench legs and put a large piece of wood as benches. Let your imagination run wild.

As you can see from all of our ideas above, patio arrangements can be made for $100 or less. Now that we’ve established that cost is not a barrier to creating a beautiful outdoor space, what are you going to do about your space?

Contributor Sarah Lee Kane is a personal finance writer based in Jacksonville, Florida, specializing in real estate, insurance, banking, loans and credit. It hosts Buzzsprout and Beyond the Dollar programs.

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