The United States pledges 750,000 vaccines against COVID-19 to Taiwan in a high-level visit

The United States is set to donate 750,000 vaccines for Covid-19 to Taiwan, in a sign of its support for the country after Taipei accused Beijing of interfering with its efforts to secure vaccines.

The announcement by a group of US senators during a high-level visit to Taipei on Sunday came just days after Japan Donate 1.2 million hitsAt a time when Taiwan is battling the first large-scale spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The US contribution to Taiwan represents more than 10 percent of the 7 million vaccine doses Washington has pledged to provide to Asia-Pacific countries.

“It was very important to the United States that Taiwan was included in the first group to receive vaccines because we recognize your urgent need and appreciate this partnership,” said US Senator Tammy Duckworth.

Duckworth and two other senators arrived in Taipei on a US Air Force transport plane from South Korea, the first US military aircraft to land in Taiwan since a relief mission following the 1999 earthquake.

Visiting US delegations have avoided using Air Force aircraft since Washington changed diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979. China, which claims Taiwan as part of its territory and threatens to annex it if Taipei refuses to come under its control indefinitely, sees out any US military assets in Al Jazeera It was a provocation.

“They used Air Force aircraft to highlight that this mission was supported, approved, or even coordinated with the administration,” said a senior Taiwanese government official. The US government wants to make sure that people understand the importance of a short visit.

Taiwan health authorities announced 343 new locally transmitted cases on Sunday. Taipei largely contained the coronavirus last year, but the outbreak that began in May is beginning to spread to some factories in the electronics industry, the backbone of the country’s booming export sector.

The Taiwan opposition has strongly criticized the government of President Tsai Ing-wen over the lack of vaccines. The government fears that China is trying to exploit the health crisis to undermine social stability and turn public opinion against Tsai, who Beijing accuses of “planning independence with the help of the epidemic.”

China has said it is ready to provide vaccines to Taiwan, but Taipei has accused Beijing of working to directly obstruct efforts to obtain vaccines. China also criticized Japan for offering a vaccine to Taiwan.

Tsai indicated her intention to partner with countries other than China in the fight against the virus. “I am confident that by cooperating with the United States, Japan and other countries, Taiwan can overcome our current challenges and help advance international disease prevention efforts to put us all on the path to recovery,” she said in a meeting with the US State Department. US Senators.

Tsai said their message of bipartisan congressional support “once again shows the strong friendship between Taiwan and the United States.”

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