BullPerks has successfully completed a private financing round that raised $1.8 million

Bullbearks It has successfully completed its own funding round raising $1.8 million. Furthermore, Bullperks is the most popular decentralized solution and multi-chain launchpad. This project could have a huge potential to make a huge impact on the crypto industry. It’s two projects in one that uses the same token and revolutionary layer system.

BullPerks’ two-pronged approach removes the illusion of investing at the VC level only for early adopters. More so, developing a more equal playing field will enable more people to enter the crypto space.

It is worth noting that there are many investors participating in the financing round. These investors include X21, GD10, Shima Capital, AU21, Alphabit, Genblock, Skynet Trading, Blocksync, Darkpool, Moonwhale, Sora Ventures, Faculty Capital, ThreeM Capital and more.

Funding round investors have shown great interest in a decentralized venture capital solution. Additionally, BullPerks’ multi-chain driver board approach will provide buildability to the industry. This is something that cannot be seen nowadays.

Co-founder Eran El Hanani made it clear to BullPerks that they are very happy to close out the increase of these big investors. He also added that the oversubscription was significantly oversubscribed in a very short period of time. More than that, the ticket size should be limited in order to benefit as many strategic investors as possible. This represents the confidence of the investors as a team in their project and vision.

In addition, Dr. Deepan Ratenswaran also said that GD10 Ventures supports the democratization of Bullperks in the venture capital industry. Moreover, Bullperks enables small investors to compete with big investors like whales by offering them to realize profitable ventures in both seed and private phases.

Ratenswaran adds,

We were impressed by the strong and deeply experienced team that runs Bullperks, backed by a loyal network across multiple blockchains, and their ability to pick disruptive ideas speaks for itself. All of the above gives us confidence that investors will have a safe and fair experience and equal opportunity with crypto whales.”

Furthermore, Jason Fang, Managing Partner of Sora Ventures, stated that our industry requires products to be highly decentralized. They also see the need for platforms like Bullperks. However, they are more motivated to support their mission because they see this as a key element in the way retailers can appreciate projects in the future.

In the next quarter, BullPerks will also merge with other chains including Solana, Polygon, Tezos and Cardano. Furthermore, the team is also seeking multiple partnerships and will enable investment opportunities for the decentralized VC side. All in all, BullPerks will offer multiple projects on a multi-threaded launchpad.

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