DeFi Project Arabic Cash offers shelter during correction. Final round of private sale البيع

The Minister of Digital Economy of the United Arab Emirates, Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, said that cryptocurrencies and tokenization of assets are key to the country’s plans to double its GDP. This means that new crypto projects will appear in the Arab world in the near future, which will differ in manufacturability, reliability and most importantly in size. One such project is the DeFi cryptocurrency Arabic cash.

After six months of development and several months of private trading, the Arabic cash The project proved its serious intentions and development prospects. It is truly the first independent crypto project created to support the world Blockchain Strategy 2021 United Arab Emirates. The main slogan of Arab criticism is The largest Arab investment strategy. All this time, they tried to find government contacts on the project. But the creators, the joint group of Arab real estate companies, denied any connection with the state.

According to them, Arabic Cash should attract investments in e-commerce in the Arab region from all over the world in the simplest possible way. And this is not the privilege of the state, but the privilege of the entire global crypto community. That is why Arabic Cash was created as a decentralized platform without any hint of individuals or companies.

What are the solutions offered by the Arab monetary system?

According to insiders, this is a decentralized financial project that works on the principle of loans and deposits, which is possible on the blockchain thanks to technologies Smart Binance Series network. It is by far the most advanced tool in the crypto world. With its help, investors can send millions of dollars through the network in a split second, and the commission will not exceed $0.2.

The Arabic currency has its own symbol called ABIC. Cryptocurrency experts are anticipating a sharp price hike once the private sale phase is completed. And the maximum indices that ABIC can reach upon listing on the Binance exchange, which should take place in the late fall of 2021. In addition to organic growth, investors can be guaranteed to count on 35.6% annually to bet, that is, to hold the token in the account.

Final Round Before DeFi Launch

In April of this year, Arab Cash announced the launch of the private sale of the ABIC token. In the first round, the price started at $0.05. The second round increased the price of the token by more than 40% and the first investors were already paying $0.07 for Currency. But only those who entered the project for at least $1,000 were allowed to enter the project. But even with such a high limit, the project exceeded the goals of both rounds.

At the beginning of June, the third and final round of private trading began, and Al Arabiya Cash prepared softer entry conditions for new investors. On the back of the global market correction, the bottom line fell to $300. Altogether, in the last phase, about 1,000,000 ABIC tokens will be sold. The purchase is made automatically on the official website before the sale Using BUSD or USDT through Metamask or Trust Wallet.

The private sale will end on June 30, after which Arab Cash will launch its staking 6 cryptocurrency swap and will also be included in the DEX Pancake Swap.

According to a recent poll on the official Arabic monetary channel Telegram, 97% of early adopters will hold ABIC tokens at least until the project is released on Binance. This staggering figure indicates that when it enters the commercial market, the project will take off vertically due to new investors. That is why DeFi cryptocurrency Arabic Cash has been rated by experts as one of the best assets to wait for the market as a whole to stabilize.

Tokenomics Arabic Cash:

Token Type: BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain
Token: ABIC
Code Name: Arabic Cash
Contract: 0x4823a096382f4fa583b55d563afb9f9a58c72fc0
Total Size: 170,000,000
ABIC for private sale: 4,400,000
Team Tokens: 1,600,000

ABIC Staking – Bonus Multipliers:

BEP20 ABIC-BNB, 10 ABIC Awards
BEP20 BUSD-BNB, 3x ABIC Awards
BEP20 ETH-BNB, 1x ABIC Awards
BEP20 BTC-BNB, 1x ABIC Rewards
BEP20 DOT-BNB, 1x ABIC Awards
BEP20 LINK-BNB, 1x ABIC Awards
We follow the ABIC Code and stay updated with the latest news and updates. For more information about the Arab Monetary Project, see the official channels at cable or Twitter.

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