Free Homeschool Curriculum (37 Free Gifts!)

This is a weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources Collected by Kari from If you’re not homeschooled, but are a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny, you’ll at least find some useful freebies on this list. You may also want to go through a file Free educational deals and offers More from earlier this week.

General Homeschooling Resources and Free Gifts:

Homeschool Stations for a Large Family Organization (Free Printable) When you’re homeschooling several kids of different ages, your homeschooling hours can sometimes go from sunrise to sunset — and many still don’t get everything done. Read on to learn more about how this can help your homeschooling and be sure to grab your free printable Homeschool Station at the end of this post.

Brain Break Publications and Activities for Your Home School I plan ahead and collect printables and ideas to help us take much-needed “mind breaks” throughout the day. I know that if we had a plan and a few things ready to go, it would look less messy and more intentional.

Free Report Card and Progress Report Templates Report cards and progress reports can be effective tools to encourage students and help them see where they have developed and progressed. The free report card and progress report templates include room for more than just grades. It also includes a space to note where the student has grown and what skills they have mastered.

Free Homeschool Organization Resources There are a lot of things I have left and I don’t stress about them. But I like to be organized with my books and school supplies. Homeschool organization is the key to this mom’s quiet home!

Youtube Channels for Homeschooling In this day and age of media streaming services and YouTube channels, there can be both positive and negative effects. I think we all know the negative effects of too much media, or inappropriate media to be wary of, but there are many positives. One of these is the ability to use it to help us in our home schools!

Free Home Language Teaching Curriculum:

Free summer printables to read Do your kids need some encouragement to read more this summer? They will love these free summer reading printables to get them excited about reading.

Free graphic organizers for reading and literature The graphic organizers can be used as a guide to help your students fill in all their ideas about what they are reading or learning about. It is especially useful for visual learners, as it helps them visualize their ideas directly on the paper in front of them. Graphic planners are a great tool to help your students not feel overwhelmed when they need to work on a project or write a paper.

Free reading comprehension with fairy tales – Fairy tales are such an interwoven part of childhood that it makes sense to use them as educational tools whenever possible. With this free reading comprehension with fairy tales module, you can help build your children’s reading comprehension skills using familiar tales like ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Free Printers About Tales Since fairy tales originated from classic story books, they can be considered literature rather than just a commercial thing. I’ve collected a lot of educational and fun fairy tale printables. They can be used with younger children, and there are also some unit studies to use with older students if you’re reading from fiction in literature or reading time at home school.

Free writing tips for summer fun Try these fun and whimsical writing instructions designed to take the stress out of writing. From quirky discoveries and puzzles to putting you in charge of cooking in the family’s backyard, these free summertime fun writing prompts can get the creative juices flowing!

Free summer writing prompts for kids

Free Bible Gifts:

Free Printable Bible Charades, Vol. 2 – color and black / white Studying the Bible together as a family is one of the most important things you can invest your time in. This set of free, printable writing charades gives you a fun way to do just that while practicing the jigsaws and engaging kids of all ages.

Free Bible Story Sequence Cut and Paste Perfect for Bible study time, this free cut and paste Bible story sequence is a simple hands-on activity that your young children can enjoy while they learn about 16 stories from the Bible.

The authors of the Old Testament Research Journal Notebooking – The first thirty-nine books of the Bible contain history, prophecy, psalms of praise, and more. They are essential to our understanding of the New Testament. This Notebooking Research Journal of the Old Testament gives them a chance to dig deeper into the first part of the Bible.

Free printable personalized plans for your home – A great way to teach character traits in your home by using character charts. Check out these character charts and other character resources to use in your homeschooling.

The authors of the research journal Notebooking of the New Testament for free Do you teach your children the order of the books of the New Testament? If not, this is a great time to learn them as well as a chance to delve into this free New Testament research journal Notebooking.

Free science home education curriculum:

Worksheets to help children explore the animal kingdom – The animal kingdom is a fun topic for you to explore with your kids. If your kids are anything like me, they love to know all about animals and wish they had them as pets. Since they can’t have most animals as pets, studying them should be the next best thing. Get these worksheets to help children explore the animal kingdom.

Cell Free DNA And Genetics Worksheets There are a lot of different things to learn and remember when it comes to learning about cells. There is a huge vocabulary that is difficult to pronounce, and many things that make up a single cell. If you are learning about the human body, cells, or genetics in your science curriculum, I hope you find these worksheets useful!

Free research journal Biome and Habitat Notebooking Living beings need each other to survive, and to know more about the way God designed everything to work together, even in the most extreme corners of his creation, is wonderful! Help your kids discover 16 biomes and habitats with this free Biome and Habitat Notebooking Research Journal.

Printables All about the toilet The water cycle is the continuous process that connects all types of water that connects all the Earth’s oceans, land and atmosphere – in one form or another. Water literally supports all life on this planet, including the United States. Learn all about the water cycle with these free printables.

Free printers for use with chemistry and elementary physics at Apologia Do you want to teach chemistry and physics to your primary school students in a way that makes it easier for them to understand the material? For further enrichment, enjoy the list of free printable materials that accompanies each lesson in Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics.

All About Earthquakes Free Research Journal, Printables and more Learning about natural disasters can be a really fun science topic that will interest your kids. If you are learning about earth sciences, geology, or natural disasters in general, we have some amazing high-quality resources that we have created that you can use in studying your earthquake unit. I’ve also collected some free printables that you can use in your earthquake unit study.

Free Grand Canyon Home Curriculum

Free Home Geography Syllabus:

Free Resources for Getting to Know the Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon is an amazing feature, and it’s hard to fathom how deep and wide it really is. It is great to do a unit study if you are learning about the natural features and wonders of the world during your geographic studies.

Free unit studies and printed materials for landmarks in the USA There is a lot to learn and explore about the world we live in. When you study the geography of the United States, there are specific things that distinguish certain countries from others. Among these things are the famous landmarks that these countries were known for. Use these unit studies and print materials to learn more about them!

Free US Geographical Research Journal Notebooking Have you ever scratched your head trying to remember the name of the capital of a country that you know you should know? You can help your kids learn all these types of facts and more with the free United States Geography Notebooking Research Journal.

Free USA Country Study: Countries, Landmarks, Facts & More – Sometimes it seems that we can spend years learning about these different countries and we may not spend much time getting to know the country we live in. The USA is a great place to live. It’s rich in history, and there’s a lot to learn! Don’t miss out on these free resources to create your own study.

Free Home Math Syllabus:

Free Math Worksheets for Transformations and Equations Do your children have difficulty converting English measurements to metric and metric measurements to English? Do they find it difficult to remember when to use liters and when to use grams? This collection of free math equations and conversion worksheets can give them plenty of practice.

Practice division for free with superheroes Segmentation can be a difficult skill to master. Let these superheroes help your kids learn this skill and hone their super sports abilities! With our free division practice unit with superheroes, kids can practice division tables 1 to 12, word problems, and more.

Free Divide Worksheets If you have a child who struggles with math, or you struggle to teach it, this can be a difficult concept to introduce. Create a folder of worksheets for confusing or frightening topics. Then you can pull it out when your child needs to take a break from the textbook, or the computer, if you’re using a computer program. Fortunately, there are some great resources online that you can use!

Free Printers to Measure & Convert & Cheat Sheets Kids who aren’t inclined to math can get very frustrated with measurements, especially when it comes time to learn how to convert them. Converting can be confusing because there are so many types and things to convert and save. Here are some free printers and cheat sheets that you can use with your kids to help them with these skills.

Bear Mats Counting Free – Instant Download – If you don’t like hand tools, counting bears is a great option. It does not take up much space and can be used in many different ways. If your child likes using them too, or the visual approach to math, patterns, and more work for him or her, get the free teddy bear mat set.

Learn all about explorers

Free history resources:

Free ways to learn about Mexican history Parts of Mexican history are also part of United States history. These free ways to learn about Mexican history will help you teach all about the country’s history without having to purchase a curriculum.

Free copy of the Mount Rushmore timeline The history of Mount Rushmore extends well beyond its completion in 1941 and continues to the present day. Help the kids learn how it all started, how long it took to sculpt, and what’s added to this famous landmark with a free Mount Rushmore timeline copy!

Australian Prime Ministers Free Notebooking Module – With ANZAC Day approaching on April 25th, this is a great time to help your kids learn more about the amazing history of Australia with this free Notebooking Module for Australian Prime Ministers!

Free weapons reservation activity in history Are your children fascinated by weapons and historical battles? Feed this interest and help them learn about history with our free gun history notes booking activity.

Free printers and resources to get to know explorers When we talk about explorers, we often think of those who explored the world by way of ships or land expeditions. But it can include much more than that. Those who have flown in space are also explorers. No matter where they explored, we wouldn’t know what we know without them!

Carrie has been homeschooling for over a decade and loves to share free homeschool syllabuses, deals, and reviews home school gifts. Find free homework gifts, free housekeeping resources, meal plans, free unit studies, and much more.

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