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Everything in the universe (that can be observed) is ultimately subject to the laws of physics. This includes everything from phenomena that can be observed at the cellular and molecular level to what we can observe in the most distant galaxies. At its most basic level, this is centered around energy and energy as a state of matter, something that cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred between entities (First law of thermodynamics).

One of the least thought about the existence of energy in our world today, until the advent of Bitcoin’s Proof of Work, is how the concept of energy applies to money. Despite this, monetary energy is arguably the most important practical application of energy transmission in the world today because it is a reference to all actions that individuals individually and collectively transmit from our material selves to the world. As a practical example – to build a bridge, it takes work from the people who build that bridge, as they transfer energy in the form of physical labor to build that bridge and expect energy in return in the form of getting paid.

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