Everyone needs Bitcoin

It’s getting really easy to get lost with all the volatility and headlines out there in Bitcoin lately. Various altcoins are becoming more and more distracting, albeit useless, and newcomers to the space still make us forget the real reason we are here. Unfortunately, the people behind these charts simply do not understand what crucial time we are living in.

Bitcoin is a fix for the current corrupt system.

Traditionally, governments collect a percentage of the goods and services produced and manufactured in their economies in the form of taxes (the inevitable evil that everyone hates). The state takes taxes from productivity, then collects them and reinvests them in the country. These investments can be anything, from infrastructure to the military. The A native The purpose of all governments (past and present), their functions and taxes are to protect the people, protect the country and build infrastructure. Ideally, there is an incentive alignment where what is good for the people is also good for the government. By reinvesting this tax revenue into the economy, the country grows and is able to modernize its infrastructure, allowing everyone to become more productive.

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