Latest Bitcoin Taproot Activation

According to data from Taproot.watchThe Bitcoin Taproot protocol upgrade is in the process of being activated and will be locked soon, with a current signal ratio of 98.23% at the time of writing. Currently, 317 additional signaling blocks out of the 491 remaining in this epoch are required to secure activation. Up to this point, only 27 blocks have been deactivated Indicated ready Taproot, compared to 1498 of them.

Currently, 99.28% of the Bitcoin network hash rate Indicates that Taproot is ready. MaraPool has been mining signal blocks since Sunday, after its operating subsidiary Marathon announced that it will stop censoring blocks and start sending signals to Taproot In late May. As a result, only unknown BTCPool and unacknowledged miners have indicated willingness to upgrade the protocol, per, which amounts to less than 1% of the total network hash rate.

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