18 Last Minute Offer On Father’s Day Gifts (2021)

Roku Ultra 4K Streaming Box for $69 ($31 off): If Pop already has a 4K TV, but has been walking around with an old streaming box unable to stream 4K shows, it’s wasting all of its TV potential. Upgrade it to a 4K-enabled streaming box so that it can finally watch its shows and movies in 4K. This is the best and even has a headphone jack on the remote control so he can listen to the TV silently while everyone else is asleep.

Apple iPad for $300 ($30 off): It’s a good idea to have an iPad at home. They’re great for email, TV broadcasting, reading, and a host of other tasks. There are fancier versions, but the standard iPad will probably be good enough. This is a fairly standard discount price on Amazon (it’s more expensive than Apple), but we’ve included it because it’s one of those great tech gifts for adults.

Moment Starter Kit with 2 lenses for $249 ($25 off): If Dad loves taking pictures with his phone (and if he has a recent iPhone, Google Pixel, OnePlus, or Samsung), get him this bundle from Moment, which includes two lenses of your choice, a phone case, a cleaning lens stylus, and a rear lens cap. A pouch is required as the lenses are mounted on, so make sure Dad has a compatible smartphone. I recommend the 58mm telephoto and 14mm fisheye.

Other great deals for dad

Stanley’s Adventure Chiller

Photo: Backcountry

Stanley Adventure Cooler for $60 ($30 off): Not every cooler has to be made of metal and have a built-in sound system and cup holders. Stanley’s Adventure is challenging and relatively light, containing 21 cans of a variety of drinks, such as beer, IPAs, porters, and swans. And non-alcoholic drinks, I think.

Brooks B17 Leather Bike Saddle for $104 ($41 off): Upgrade dad’s bike with a high quality saddle. Still made in England, the B17 has been a best-selling Brooks saddle for over 100 years. It takes a while to break in, but as a bike tester at WIRED, I found them to be more comfortable than the plastic seats that come with most bikes.

Allen Edmonds 30% off sale: For 99 years, Allen Edmonds has been handcrafting shoes in the United States. Although some models are now made overseas, many of their best-known models are still made in Wisconsin. If Dad needs a big step up in quality compared to regular store shoes, consider secretly measuring his feet and buying him a pair of AEs. It will last for many years because it can be repaired and restored.

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