Are these the 6 richest people in the crypto industry?

There is a lot of money in the crypto industry, and that’s a lot for sure. We are at a point where there are projects that are advanced enough to actually reap the benefits of their creators. And then, there’s Bitcoin. Early adopters and believers, very long-term hackers, are sitting on a fortune. Who made the most money?

A very difficult question to answer. The borrowed nature of blockchain technology makes such inquiries a difficult task. There are wallets that no one knows who they belong to and they hold thousands of coins. There are billionaires who have announced their investments, but no one knows which portfolios belong to them. Not everyone who works in the crypto industry is a public figure. Not everyone in space wants attention.

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With that in mind, the Coin Bureau YouTube channel Open an investigation and reach reliable results. If we agree that the menu is for entertainment purposes and is heavily focused on the West, then we can enjoy it. So, let’s do that.

Who are the Six Richest People in the Crypto Industry?

To make this fair, the Currency The bureau focused on people who own most of their assets in cryptocurrency. This makes people like Brian Armstrong of Coinbase and Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy ineligible, as most of their fortunes are tied to their companies. It also ignores all the billionaires who have a small percentage of their fortunes in crypto.

Now that the rules are clear, let’s get into it.

6.- Tim Draper and Max Keizer

Tied to number five, two very different Bitcoin believers.

Tim Draper: This venture capital investor made a purchase for life when he grabbed all the confiscated bitcoins from the Silk Road marketplace on the dark web. “The US Marshall Service auctioned 30,000 BTC that landed in Tim’s wallet for $19 million.“This is now worth nearly $1 billion. Draper is not part of the crypto industry, but is diversifying, and he also owns Bitcoin Cash, XRP, and Tezos.

Max KeizerThis broadcaster and director is the reason why so many people around the world know about Bitcoin. of the early believers,In a 2013 episode of The Keyser Report, Max announced that he had become a Bitcoin millionaire. “according to Currency Desk accounts, that means he owns 25,000 bitcoins. Assuming he keeps buying and buys another modest 5,000, his holdings are now $1 billion.

5- Vitalik Buterin:

The co-founder of Ethereum starred Public battle on Twitter previously covered From NewsBTC. Vitalik’s Ethereum wallet address has been known since late 2018 when he shared it via Twitter in response to criticism of Ethereum’s pre-my.This key figure in the cryptocurrency industry now holds 334 thousand ETH, which according to today’s prices is around $1.5 billion.

4.- The Winklevoss Broders

It’s common knowledge, the Winklevoss twins invested part of their Facebook settlement in a then-new idea. The story happened as follows,While on Holyday in Ibiza in 2013, Tyler and Cameron learned about Bitcoin and later decided to buy 1% of all BTC in circulation.With this, they founded the Gemini exchange, a staple in the cryptocurrency industry. Currency The Bureau estimated that each twin is pregnant.Between 2-3 billion dollars worth of cryptocurrencies, mostly Bitcoin.

3.- Chris Larsen

One of the biggest criticisms leveled by the cryptocurrency industry against Ripple is the massive amounts of XRP owned by its founders and institution. we will, “The third largest crypto billionaire is Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen who owns between 5.2 and 7.8 billion XRP.

It is worth mentioning that , “All XRP assigned to Ripple founders is subject to a vesting schedule that runs through 2026, assuming the SEC is unsuccessful in its case against Ripple, in which case Chis’ XRP would be unsellable by law.“It appears to be in the opposite direction so far. The market appears to be supporting this turn of events.

2.- Sam Bankman-Fried

Did you know that FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried was in talks with Binance’s CZ to jointly fund an exchange before either of them hit scale? True story. Well, Bunkman Fried is”Founder of Alameda Research and the FTX cryptocurrency exchange.

Alameda Research has made more money than God in arbitrage trading. They found out that there is a hidden premium in the price of Bitcoin in Japan. They’ve been bought in the United States, sold in Japan, and made history. and fortune. Then, “The FTX derivatives exchange is Sam’s second end and has become one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges since it was founded in 2019.

An essential part of the crypto industry, through FTX helped launch highly successful crypto projects. In addition, they have their own Currency which has been estimated over time. Currency The office says,Sam’s cryptocurrency holdings are unknown, I estimate their total to be between $5 billion and $10 billion.

BNB price chart on FTX | Source: BNB/USDT on

1.- Changpeng Zhao

Although CZ’s net worth is “Listed at around $2 billion,Currency The office investigated and made some controversial assumptions. First of all, after attending the crypto conference, “CZ then decided to sell his apartment in Shanghai and profit from Bitcoin. If my calculations are correct, then the bank sent him 50-100 thousand BTC.

The bureau revealed some articles in which Czechoslovakia said he likes to hold his fortune in crypto-assets, so they assume he’s still holding on to that. Years later, when Binance launched their own Currency40% of the initial 100 million BNB minting has been allocated to the founding team. Again, the office assumes it still has,CZ’s holdings of BNB alone could easily exceed $10 billion at today’s prices. “

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And that’s it, this is their list. Do you think they forgot anyone in the crypto industry? Are there no bigger whales in China? Are all these people little potatoes compared to satoshi Nakamoto himself? Let’s take the list as a starting point and build on it.

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