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In today’s digital world, privacy is a really rare commodity, thanks to the massive amount of data that every website someone visits or the apps they use collect. While companies continue to monetize user data, by collecting and sharing it, they also expose users to various cyber threats posed by hackers as well as governments seeking to monitor every movement of their citizens.

Web users have always been at risk of having their private and financial data hacked and used for nefarious purposes. In such a scenario, the need for a secure payment system is one of the many requirements. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have provided a fairly secure payment method, but some are anonymous or partially anonymous at best. Oftentimes, it has been shown that on-chain transaction data, along with other parameters, can be used to identify parties to a transaction with great accuracy.

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Pirate Chain started in 2018 and is considered the most secure and private cryptocurrency that implements an industry leading privacy protocol based on sound strategy. Using the Pirate Chain’s native ARRR cryptocurrency for transactions guarantees complete privacy and security by default, something that no other privacy-focused cryptocurrency has offered so far.

To achieve complete privacy, Pirate Chain uses a well-known and stable crypto protocol named zk-SNARKs. It is based on the work of the ZCash Equihash consensus algorithm and secures itself against 51% attacks using Komodo’s Delayed Proof of Work technology with additional authentication on the Litecoin chain. The implementation of privacy features as default is completely incompatible with other zk-SNARK-based privacy coins which allow users to protect their transactions on demand. In the Pirate Chain, all transactions are protected and visible only to the sender and receiver of the ARRR, with the option to opt out of privacy through the explicit action of publishing the transaction ID. Furthermore, Pirate Chain protects any other identifiable information such as the users’ IP address using the built-in Tor network.

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Pirate Chain has come a long way in the past two years to create an integrated cryptocurrency ecosystem. Using the latest zk-SNARK Sapling MPC upgrade simplifies all ARRR transactions without compromising privacy. Furthermore, it makes ARRR compatible with point-of-sale (PoS) systems, hardware wallets, and mobile wallets powered by Simple Payment Verification (z-SPV). ARRR is also listed on some leading exchanges and several companies have already started accepting the Pirate Chain cryptocurrency as payment.

Today, with ARRR, users can expect to carry out completely private and anonymous transactions. The luxury that ensures peace of mind by ensuring that their personal and financial information is not accessible to those who plan to make a quick profit or those who intrude under the guise of protecting the interests of society or the country simply because they can.

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