Spending Acorns will give you $75 FREE just to set up direct deposit

Wouldn’t it be great if a checking account gave you a $75 bonus just for setting up direct deposits?

What if this account also made it super easy to invest your money and grow your fortune?

This is the idea behind spend walnut. It is a checking account linked to an investment account that automatically invests in your digital “spare parts”.

The automated investing app from Acorns has grown in popularity since its launch in 2014, so it is now expanding to other services – such as checking accounts and debit cards. When you swipe your Acorns Spend debit card, it rounds your purchases to the nearest dollar. Then it transfers that money into stocks and bonds on your behalf.

Since the funds come in increments of less than $1, you are unlikely to feel an impact in your bank account. (Although you can always turn digital Periodic Reports off for a while, if you’re in trouble.)

Oh, and let’s not forget that $75. With Acorns, you start with a free $5 bonus. With Acorns Spend, you will get $75 bonus after you Enable direct deposit And get your first deposit into your spending account.

One of the easiest ways to start investing

If you’re not already investing, this is one of the easiest ways to get started. With Acorns, you don’t have to choose exactly where to invest your money. Instead, you’ll answer a few questions about your goals, and Acorns will build your investment portfolio choices – which range from conservative to aggressive. If you really want to know the details, the app will break down the types of funds that make up your portfolio. If you don’t want to dive into it, no need to.

Acorns invests your money in popular ETFs, or exchange-traded funds, which are collections of hundreds or thousands of stocks and bonds. The app has a few different wallets, depending on how much risk you are willing to take. You can even have Acorns invest a percentage of your direct deposit once it reaches your spending account.

It only costs $3 per month, there are no overdraft fees or minimum balances required, plus, you can use your Acorns Spend debit card without fees at any ATM that accepts Visa cards.

Getting started takes only minutes. click here Enter your email address and set up your account, then set up a direct deposit and be on your way to getting your free $75.

Mike Brasfield ([email protected]) is a featured writer for The Penny Hoarder.

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