7 Best Smart Screens (2021): Google Assistant, Alexa, Gateway

smart screen This might work for you if you want the comfort of a smart assistant with the added benefit of having something to look at. when you put Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa In a tablet-sized smart speaker, you get a fun way to watch the weather or album art, watch TV shows, make video calls, and other (mostly) useful things.

Most of our picks use Google Assistant rather than Amazon’s Alexa because it’s often easier to set up devices that use Google services, and Google provides a simpler experience in some ways.

Be sure to check out our many Other Buying Guides, including our reports on everything we have smart speakers, and evidence for Google Assistant And the Alexa Amplifiers.

Updated June 2021: We’ve added the second generation Echo Show 8 as our favorite from our list of shows.

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