25 Last Minute Offers On Father’s Day Gifts (2021)

Roku Ultra 4K Streaming Box for $69 ($31 off): If Pop already has a 4K TV, but has been walking around with an old streaming box unable to stream 4K shows, it’s wasting all of its TV potential. Upgrade it to a 4K-enabled streaming box so that it can finally watch its shows and movies in 4K. This is the best and even has a headphone jack on the remote control so he can listen to the TV silently while everyone else is sleeping.

Apple iPad for $299 ($30 off): It’s a good idea to have an iPad at home. They’re great for email, TV broadcasting, reading, and a host of other tasks. There are fancier versions, but the standard iPad will probably be good enough. This is a fairly standard discount price on Amazon (it’s more expensive than Apple), but we’ve included it because it’s one of those great tech gifts for adults.

Other great deals for dad

Stanley’s Adventure Chiller

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Stanley Adventure Cooler for $65 ($15 off): Not every cooler has to be made of metal and have a built-in sound system and cup holders. Tough and relatively light, the 16-liter Stanley Adventure features 21 cans of a variety of drinks, such as beer, IPAs, porters, and pelicans. And non-alcoholic drinks, I think.

Brooks B17 Leather Bike Saddle for $100 ($40 off): Upgrade dad’s bike with a high quality saddle. Still made in England, the B17 has been a best-selling Brooks saddle for over 100 years. It takes a while to break in, but as a bike tester at WIRED, I found them to be more comfortable than the plastic seats that come with most bikes. This price is a discount from the high prices we’ve seen in the past year.

Allen Edmonds 30% off sale: For 99 years, Allen Edmonds has been handcrafting shoes in the United States. Although some models are now made overseas, many of their best-known models are still made in Wisconsin. If Dad needs a huge boost in quality compared to regular store shoes, consider secretly measuring his feet and buying him a pair of AEs. It will last for many years because it can be repaired and restored.

Presto Double Basket Deep Fryer for $55 ($45 off) – Click the coupon button: Well, there must be some personal limitations involved about this personal deep fryer. Dad might be tempted to deep fry everything, and that would kill him. But I’ve found it’s much easier and safer to use a deep fryer than frying in an open pan, and nothing says summer like season of homemade fried oysters and coconut fried shrimp.

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