Coronavirus latest: West Virginia marked secession anniversary by withdrawing $1 million vaccination prize

a slowdown in growth In new Covid-19 cases across the UK, hopes have raised that a third wave May be shorter and flatter Than previously feared, vaccines continue to weaken the potency of a delta variant first identified in India. Another 10,476 people tested positive for Covid-19 in the UK on Friday, a 29 per cent increase from last week, when 11 deaths were reported, down from 17 the week before.

The deflation trade He has dominated the financial markets since the emergence of the Corona virus vaccines last year was hit After the Federal Reserve unexpectedly signaled a shift in its stance on inflation. Commodity prices fell while long-term US government bonds rose.

UK business It expects production to recover to its pre-epidemic level by the end of 2021, a year earlier than expected. In its latest forecast, trade lobby group CBI said GDP will do سي He recovered by 8.2 percent This year and growth of 6.1 percent in 2022, after declining 9.9 percent last year.

South Korea is on the right track To vaccinate three-quarters of its 52 million people against Covid-19 within the next three months as a vaccine The offering is gaining momentum after an early delay. Health officials have revealed plans to expand the scope of the injection to the general public after vaccinating 13 million people two weeks ahead of schedule.

Customers gather outside Starbucks at Portobello Market in west London © Tolga Akmen / AFP via Getty Images

Starbucks European business It paid $183 million in dividends to its parent company in the US despite incurring major losses as the coffee market suffered for the first time. A decline in growth over the past two decades during the pandemic. Earnings before taxes fell nearly 40 percent to $104 million in the year to September 2020, according to the company’s calculations.

The European Union lost a legal bid To force AstraZeneca to speed up delivery of Covid-19 vaccines. A Brussels court has criticized AstraZeneca for a “serious breach” of its contract but Refusal to impose a timetable mandated by the European Union It would have required the company to deliver 120 million doses by June 30 or pay fines of €10 per dose per day.

CureVac’s chief financial officer says the company hasn’t given up on the coronavirus vaccine though Disappointing results From experiments, the hope remains that some parts of the population will be targeted. Interim results from the German company’s last phase trial indicated that the vaccine was only 47% effectiveness.

UEFA said, You may need to move the Euro 2020 football finals away from London. European football’s governing body said on Friday it remains “confident” that the semi-finals and final of the competition will take place in Wembley Stadium in July, but that “there was always a contingency plan.”

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