French schools dominate the FT ranking for masters in finance degrees

French business schools led by HEC Paris These are the best places to study masters in finance around the world, with continued strong demand despite the coronavirus disruption, according to FT’s latest annual assessment.

The top five are among the top nine providers of MiF qualifications offered to those without prior professional experience in France, as well as four other schools out of a total of 55 schools included in the 2021 rankings.

HEC Paris’ performance is largely driven by the high salaries paid to international graduates recruited by global banking and investment recruiters, who are attracted to France’s competitive elite education system and its remarkable strength in quantitative skills.

“We are delighted that we may reach the top again,” said Eloïc Peyrache, Dean of HEC Paris, who was appointed at the beginning of this year. “Our finance department is very strong, and we have a global audience. The quality of students is very good and the number of candidates is increasing.”

Rankings for FT Masters in Finance in 2021

Singapore Management University appears in both periodic tables of finance degreesشهاد

Discover the schools in our ranking after the experiment And the Pre-experience Postgraduate funding programs. Also learn how to make a file Tables are grouped And the Read the rest of our coverage.

The school has been ranked number one in the FT’s MiF ranking nine times over the past decade, ahead of other leading French business schools this year including ESCPAnd the PlannedAnd the Issyk And the EdhecAll of them are among the elite of the country big schools.

London Business School retains its leading position in Fewer MiF Cycles Designed for those who have previously worked in this field before studying Cambridge University: JudgeAnd the Amsterdam Business School And the Singapore Management University: Lee Kong Qian.

The FT rating is weighted highly to reflect graduate salaries, with HEC Paris graduates reporting average earnings before bonuses of $156,583 three years after finishing their studies. Schools are also evaluated based on factors including gender diversity and professional services assessments.

Europe dominates the provision of MiF courses, although three Chinese business schools – Tsinghua University School of Economics and ManagementAnd the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance at SJTU And the Peking Guanghua University Good performance this year.

US business schools still dominate in MBAs, but four of them were also included in this year’s FT MiF Ranking.

The current demand for places, graduate employment and graduate salaries have lagged behind in comparison to previous years, despite the outbreak of the pandemic. The median salary for graduates three years after completing their MiF prior experience in 2021 increased to $85,858 from $83,404.

Birache said nearly 90 per cent of his students at MiF were from outside France, and that most of them were recruited by non-French companies including several employers in London.

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