Introducing “The Fastest DeFi Meme Dog” This Side of the Moon, PDOG

full name Polkadog, this newly launched meme Currency It offers much more than just a gimmick for the curious cryptocurrency, with multiple opportunities for its owners as well as the returns they can expect from trading. It has also been shown to provide the community with fairer trade – which new and established investors alike will be eager to explore.

According to its creators, PDOG is a 100% community-owned, self-funded coin where everyone including the behind-the-scenes team has to buy the tokens, with all profits staying within the platform and continuously benefiting from it.

To be launched recently Uniswap, a DeFi-based platform to facilitate millions of crypto transactions – and the world’s most successful DEX to date – was essential for the project to be 100% launched without pre-sales, private sales, VCs or team tokens allowed. On top of that, the people behind PDOG have been keen to keep things fairer and have implemented a $50,000 PDOG purchase cap for the first 21 days of trading, providing a level playing field for everyone and helping keep the whales off the hook – not to mention the bots!

The launch fair has worked, and succeeded too, with nearly 3,000 carriers already registered to PDOG v1 in just 5 days. It is safe to say that CurrencyThe value of her upward journey has begun and the speed gain you would expect. With the launch of 50 miles and an additional 50 miles in reserve for the PDOG v2 — all earmarked for more cash and airdrop rewards — things are currently looking rosy for the PDOG community. Since the founders have just closed all future token allocations and Uniswap liquidity with TrustswapThey are likely to become more rosy.

Eventually, PDOG will switch to Polkaswap, another multi-chain platform built on Polkadot technology, which is still in development and soon to be launched on the SORA Network. Like Uniswap, it allows multiple chains to trade together and offers low per-transaction trading fees – just 0.3% – all of which will return to the platform to reward liquidity providers, making it one attractive place to trade. Polkaswab It also features multiple search, finding the best exchange available for you at the point of purchase, and support for coins including BTC, ETH, and DOT.

Apart from CurrencyIn terms of value, there are a lot of other benefits available, including automatic addition of liquidity pools, token burns, redistribution, and surprise airdrops with its launch soon The farm game (on the roadmap under PDOG v2). You will also have the opportunity to purchase PDOG branded merchandise soon if you wish. Oh, and rumor has it that this dog will soon have a Mauer friend to play with, bulcakatAlthough everything seems a bit secretive on this front at the moment a little “watch this space” for those interested in cryptocurrency with a touch of fun!

PDOG The creators hope to capture the cryptocurrency crown by 2022. The question is, who will jump on board to support their journey?

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