My system to stay on top of emails

Feeling overwhelmed by email? In this episode, I share some of the best tips and practices for taming the email monster – strategies I’ve learned from processing millions of emails and messages over the years (I receive hundreds of emails/messages every day, so I had to learn how to be effective!)

In addition to email talk, Jesse and I talk about Catherine’s new job, share a really personal email that encouraged me (shared with permission!), talk about two books we’re reading/listening to, and Jesse gives us an update on our whitewater kayaking trip.

This episode was a little longer than usual, but I hope you enjoyed taking a little longer to share some of the life updates and things we’re learning, reading and thinking about.

In this episode:

[0:32] Today’s topic is all about email and how to stay on top of it.

[2:10] – Catherine just started a new job!

[4:57] – I share an email I received about my book A parenting centered around love.

[7:45] – Lean in and love your kids, and be grateful when they want to involve you!

[9:03] – I just finished reading recently The woman with the blue star by Pam Jenov.

[11:59] Jesse finished reading recently Andrew Huff’s novel right cross.

[14:53] Find out what’s been saving my life lately.

[17:44] – Jesse talks about his last trip.

[19:35] – Catherine recently went to a school retreat which, by chance, was the same camp as Jesse for a youth group camp!

[23:11] Jesse’s email strategy is a little different than mine! 😉

[25:30] – Unsubscribe mercilessly!

[26:53] – Delete liberally (and use that archive button in GMail!)

[29:42] – Filter fanatic.

[32:56] – Deal with emails instantly!

[35:57] – A simple step-by-step plan to organize your email inbox permanently.

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