Tracking Network raises strategic investment of over $1.6 million from leading blockchain investors

Enterprise DeFi Protocol NFT, tracking network With Bling NFT’s bull market for luxury and lifestyle products, the launch of the original TRACE token has begun. In the process, the tracking network succeeded Raised over $1.6 million of strategic investors from the industry, which will go towards financing the development of an entire ecosystem.

By effectively implementing blockchain technology, Trace Network is redefining the product lifecycle and maintaining traceability throughout the supply chain and in the hands of the end user. The added value offered by the project has gained the attention of the mainstream industry, which has encouraged them to play an active role in the development of Trace Network by providing seed capital and indirect assistance in market penetration and networking.

As the project develops, Trace Network’s offerings as a whole include Bling – a unique limited edition luxury goods NFT Marketplace; A virtual business network that serves as a data exchange to enable sustainability and traceability, and proof of business transactions from virtual business networks that support enterprise DeFi capabilities.

Bling is unique in its own way as it creates a bridge between limited edition luxury goods and blockchain assets by enabling manufacturers to create NFTs that represent their products and list them on the market for sale or auction. Meanwhile, users can scroll through the list, choose the item they like, and make the purchase. Once they own the NFT, they also get ownership of the limited edition luxury product it’s referring to. They can either choose to hold the NFT, trade it or place an order to receive the actual physical item delivered to their doorstep.

Meanwhile, the strategic investors that provide support to the Trace Network include some of the industry heavyweights AU21 Capital, NGC Ventures, OKEx Blockchain Dream Ventures, LD Capital, Spark Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Inclusion Capital, Lotus Capital, Spart Digital Capital Ventures, 18 .ventures, DAO Maker, Acheron Trading, EthDesign, Genblock Capital, Master Ventures, GBV Capital, Black Edge Capital, Moonwhale Ventures and even angel investors like COO and Polygon co-founder – Sandeep Nailwal.

Trace Network has also partnered with Biconomy to enable end-to-end gas-free transactions on Bling and the platform.

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