KiwiCo Promo Code: Get a $9.95 Box shipped!!

Don’t miss out on this rare KiwiCo promo code to get 50% off your first box!!

{searching for Honest KiwiCo . Reviews Before you decide to buy? is reading My totally honest review here! You can also check out my list of Top 10 Kids Subscription Boxes!}

KiwiCo . promo code

As a special deal on Prime Day, you can Get 50% off a pack of KiwiCo When using a promotional code Surprise when you go out. This means you’ll only pay $9.95 shipped for most boxes (boxes for older kids will be $14.95 with this deal).

This is a very rare discount and we only see it a few times a year!! This matches Black Friday prices.

KiwiCo is a file A monthly subscription service that offers educational and craft projects and activities for children on various topics. Each box contains 2-3 projects, all the materials needed to complete those projects, plus hands-on learning activities and more.

They now have seven different tiles to choose from for specific age groups! These make great gift ideas for kids!

Our kids love these subscription boxes, and I highly recommend them! (You can read My absolutely honest review of KiwiCo is here.)

Note: When you sign up for this deal, you will be signed up for a monthly subscription that automatically renews every month at the regular price. After you receive your first discounted fund, you can decide whether to continue or not. If you choose not to continue, it is really easy to cancel your subscription in your account settings.

Valid until 23 June 2021.

Click here to get your first box for only $9.95 shipping.

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