Target ‘Deal Days’ in 2021: The 27 best deals so far (updated)

focus may be be on Amazon Prime Day This week – the sale is happening for 2 days Ends on June 22 22—But other stores are promoting their own deals in an effort to compete. Walmart has Sale which ends on June 23, and Target Deal Days Discounts It started on June 20 and runs until June 22. We focus on the latter here. These are our favorite Target deals.

Note: We update articles regularly and Cross out sold items or price hike as of posting, and we mark discounts based on last product pricing or average price, not MSRP. Be sure to check the discounts for yourself. Our choices come from research and our extensive experience in product review.

Updated Tuesday: We’ve added a deal for the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and Lenovo IdeaPad.

Wired Prime Day Stories

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Home and Kitchen Deals

For more home and kitchen favorites, check out our guides to Best robot vacuumsAnd the The best Dyson vacuumsAnd the Best latte and cappuccino machinesماكينات, and much more coffee review.

Ecofax Depot N79


Once you start making the robot clean your floors, you will know the true luxury. we have set of recommendationsBut it generally costs more than this. We did not review this specific model, but we did review similar models. The last few Ecovacs we’ve tried have had some navigational issues, but if you don’t have weird edging in your home, you should be fine. It’s rare to find a reliable bot for less than $200.

Made by Dyson big spacesThe V8 is its “budget” model. It converts to a manual vacuum and has a runtime of about 40 minutes, so be sure to charge it between cleaning sessions.

If you really love coffee and drink several cups a day, you should invest in a The best coffee maker—Even a good cheap Mister coffee. But Keurigs have their place because they are fast and convenient. This is small, so you can place it in apartment kitchens or even in your office. Designer Jonathan Adler created the look that’s absolutely beautiful.

If you have more room to store it and love your occasional iced coffee, this K-Elite model is a solid alternative. It also has a hot water button in case you want to make tea or oatmeal.

Instant Pot Duo Plus

The popular Instant Pot is a staple on Prime Day. It requires a group of devices and puts them into one device. There are a few different sizes and versions, but this 6-quart is suitable for about six people. If you have a larger family, then 8-liter bowl is on sale for $90 ($50 off).

Air fryers are another fan favorite, and some are on sale from Target this year. We haven’t tried this particular model, but the Oster has a good reputation in kitchenware. The company’s nine-function countertop air fryer is also Reduced to $100 ($60). Alternatively, the The PowerXL Air Fryer costs $60 ($40 off) And it looks like a good deal, too. We haven’t tested it.

You might be heading to an office or planning camping or road trips. Either way, having a thermos to keep your meals warm (or cold!) will come in handy. This is also dishwasher safe.

The KitchenAid Mixer is a worthwhile purchase if you love cooking and baking. They’re made to last and look stylish in the kitchen, especially in the red or blue colors that give it a classic feel.

technical deals

see our The best streaming devicesAnd the The best fitness watch, And the Best guides for wireless earbuds For more of our favourites.

AirPods Pro

Photo: Apple

they were Big fans of AirPods Pro. They look great and fit more comfortably in your ears than the first Airpods. see this discounted Much, but it’s been around $197 in the past few months, so that’s a small drop from the regular discounted price.

These headphones are from Sony Our favorite wireless headphones For good reason: They have 30 hours of battery life with noise-canceling turned on, they sound great, and they’re among the most comfortable headphones you can buy. This 4th generation model improves on the ones that came before with new microphones to form the package, keeping you looking great on Zoom calls.

These cheap wireless earbuds won’t sound as good as the AirPods, but they do have the same battery life and a more comfortable fit. WIRED Parker Hall audio reviewer loves to take them out of the house or when he’s doing yard work, hiking, or other outdoor activities, because he doesn’t have to worry so much about losing a bud.

Roku is Our favorite streaming platformAnd Streaming Stick Plus is our choice for most people. This deal pops up frequently, and we’re only including it because we love the device.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Photo: Microsoft

The Surface Pro 7 It is a great 2-in-1 laptop replacement. It has enough power for most laptop type tasks but can double as a tablet. The model here has the faster Intel Core i5 chip. This deal also includes the keyboard. Target has quite a few others Surface deals worth browsing.

This IdeaPad 5 features a fast AMD Ryzen 7 chip, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. The 15-inch 1080p screen wouldn’t be the sharpest, but other than that, these are some of the best specs you’ll get at this price.

WIRED Senior Assistant Reviews Editor Adrienne So had Mixed feelings when I reviewed it, but it was so much more than that Excited to use the Facebook Portal smart screen to zoom during the pandemic. It looked as if she had a personal cinematographer filming her because the gate would automatically zoom in and move her face as she moved through the frame. If you’re having trouble taking pictures of naughty kids in one shot, it works fine on Facebook Messenger too.

this is our Watch your favorite fitness Now, that’s the lowest price we’ve seen recently. Fitbit is easy to use, and its products remain affordable yet capable. You can get Same price on amazon.

There was a shortage of webcams in 2020, but they’re booming, and prices are back to normal. This is a great price from a trusted brand. You get 1080p video quality, plus a privacy shutter to hide the camera when it’s not in use. Reviewer Matt Jancer loved the similar Logitech C920 Pro in his country A guide to the best webcams.

Hair and health deals

We all need A little self-care—The past year and a half has proven it. For more of our favorite beauty and grooming tools, check out Our favorite hair straighteners And the hair dryers fave. We also have guides to Best Theragun and Massage Guns And the The best electric toothbrush.

One-step hot tools

Photo: Hot Tools

we I recently tested this dry brush And I found it to be very effective, especially for the price. The brush head comes out for easy storage and travel, and can also be interchanged for different.

This massage gun As expensive as Theraguns It competes with it, but it still works well to relieve tight muscle pain. It comes with five different attachments to target different areas, and it connects to an app via Bluetooth to guide you through recovery options. There are more affordable options out there, but this is the best price we’ve tracked for Hypervolt.

Quip is a capable and affordable electric toothbrush. The app gives you brush notes, such as duration, density, and coverage, although it doesn’t show real-time tracking. The plastic version is good, but more elegant Metal brushes are $50 ($10 off) right now.

pet deals

Our pets are family, and they deserve some games, too. Fortunately, Target has some very nice products on sale this weekend. Make sure to read our guides on cat accessories And the dog accessoriesAnd our advice about Recently adopted pets.

Getting started with canine DNA testing

Photo: go

wired I tested a handful of dog DNA tests And she found Embark to provide a lot of useful information – she even found relatives of some working puppies! This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

The cat scratch houses from Target are almost too cute to handle. This one is perfect for surfing cats who just want to relax, but there are cats for every holiday including pride And the Halloween. You can’t go wrong here.

Of all the pet supplies at Target, I’m drawn to the ones made by Boots & Barkley the most. Looks nice, and the products I tried lasted a while. This plush bed is perfect for cats and small dogs.

Catit Flower Fountain

Photography: Kate

We love Catit products, and this fountain can be used for cats or dogs. There are three water flow settings, including one without the flower, which may attract dogs more. This deal also includes a spreader to collect spilled water and a stainless steel food plate.

We haven’t tried this particular brand, but it comes recommended, and we think this design might appeal to dogs more than the Catit flower fountain above. In addition, this device has a place to run spare batteries in the event of a power outage.

Board Game Offers

I prefer a good old board game or trivia session when I’m bored, but it can get really expensive if you want to stock up on a few. Fortunately, some of them have now been discounted. see our Guide for family board games For more. Target also has some discounts on video games.

the settlers of Kattan

Photography: Kattan Studio

Catan is very popular among strategy games lovers, but it can fetch close to $60. We recently saw around $44, so that extra drop is appreciated.

Who can forget what Colonel Mustard did at the conservatory with the menorah? Join all your favorite killer fantasy characters for a roaming of the Hill House with up to five of your friends.

I can’t say I’m a fan of this never ending game, but it’s a classic for a reason. There have been slight upgrades over the years, but it has stayed completely true to the original.

This game might be geared towards kids, but you can’t deny the fun of playing with a group of adults now and then, especially if you agree to ask for more. Alternate questions. Or as one Redditor suggested, replace the animation with pictures of your friends and, respectfully of course, grill each other. This only charges if your cart is $35 or more.

retailer sale pages

If you’d like to check out more deals for yourself, here are some links to sales going on this week.

Wired Prime Day Stories

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