Zoom almost broke my body. Here’s how to protect you

Whether you will keep it Work from home or go back to the office, the pandemic has shown us the importance Safe and comfortable workplace. For many of us forced to do our jobs where we lived, this has meant كان Create a temporary station From anywhere or supplies are available. Dining tables became desks, sofas turned into benches, and computers replaced personal interactions. Comfortable mistakes have led to discomfort and a myriad of common injuries.

Last school year, I taught science to 133 eighth graders via Zoom. I started a healthy 29-year-old who eats well, exercises three times a week, meditates and sees friends on the weekends. Even though I had depression, I found ways to deal with it. After nine months of remote teaching, I had back and neck pain, chronic stomach pain, a high baseline of anxiety, and worst of all, a pain in my shoulder that woke me up at night.

Seeing orthopedic surgeon Louis Peter Rey, he noticed that my left shoulder was visibly drooping. He asked about setting up my home office. I told him that my laptop had been lifted with books, so whenever I typed, I would meet the keyboard and my elbows widen to the sides. He lectured me at Work Environment 101, diagnosed me with tendinitis, and gave me a dose of cortisone at the same spot where I had been vaccinated two months earlier. Before the school year, I had looked How to look good on Zoom To be a more attractive teacher. Articles I’ve read recommended stacking books under my laptop so the camera is level with my eyes to avoid an unattractive upward chin angle. Rey said, shaking his head, that he wished people were more interested in staying healthy than looking good in front of the camera.

Along with the physical therapy exercises he recommended, I adjusted my work setup and interviewed experts. As companies and individuals Increasingly adopting the remote working modelThere are important adjustments you can make to mitigate and prevent various injuries.

laptop case

Laptops are great for their portability but not so good when used as a permanent solution. With smaller computers, the screen is much lower than eye level, which means you’re more prone to curvature. The keyboard is not set on the edge of the desk, which should be perfect. According to Ray, this causes a “closed posture, and you can end up straining your neck, back, and shoulders.”

In my case, the screen was at eye level after I put the laptop on the books, but I was still curved when I was typing. My elbows bulging outward strained the front of my shoulder and caused painful tendinitis.

One of the solutions is External keyboard. “To correct this, I usually recommend getting a separate, full-size keyboard that’s either wired or Bluetooth enabled,” Rey says. Having an external keyboard allows you to lift your laptop without having to reach for typing. You can raise your laptop by stacking books or buying laptop stand. The top of the laptop (or screen) should be slightly above eye level. This setting will help prevent you from bending over.

Find the right chair

After using a folding chair for a long time, I pulled a muscle In my back. Physiotherapist Melanie Carroll said her husband also injured himself with a folding chair, which prickles his leg. Carroll explained in our interview that it’s not just about choosing the right chair but using it correctly.

that ergonomic office chair It has an adjustable height. Karol and Dr. Re stresses the importance of maintaining an appropriate chair height, with your arms, wrists, and hands at the same level as your desk and keyboard. Otherwise, you will strain your shoulders, neck, and back. The perfect comfortable chair has adjustable lumbar support.

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