The “Apple Daily” newspaper in Hong Kong will be closed Saturday

The Apple Daily, the Hong Kong pro-democracy tabloid founded by media mogul Jimmy Lai, will close Saturday after its assets were frozen in what critics called a hammer blow to the city’s free press.

Next Digital, the newspaper’s parent company, said it Ultimate Edition It will be printed on Saturday and its website will not be available shortly before midnight.

Apple Daily has been known for its willingness to stand up and criticize the government.

Hong Kong authorities have cracked down on civil and political life on the Chinese mainland following the pro-democracy protests that swept the city in 2019. This included the imposition of a sweeping national security law that severely curtailed dissent.

An Apple Daily editorial writer under the pseudonym Li Ping was arrested under the law on Wednesday. Lee was arrested a few days later by the authorities Raided the offices of Apple Daily It arrested five executives, including its editor-in-chief Ryan Low. This was the first time that the National Security Act had been used against journalists.

Lay has already been imprisoned for separate crimes.

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