8 Surprising Ways Community College Can Save You Money

Going to a community college is a surefire way to save money for a degree.

how much money? Try $14,336 on average.

Furthermore, after completing your two-year degree at a community college, dozens of four-year universities have scholarships for transfer students that can save you thousands more.

Therefore, we are all clear about how a community college can help you save on your education.

But wait there is more!

Community colleges are public institutions with the primary mission of helping more people obtain higher education and enter viable career fields, and improve society in general. In other words, they exist to provide the tools for enrichment, learning, and life to anyone who wants them.

Here are some resources you might not know were available at your local community college, at a lower cost than you might expect.

8 Resources You Can Get Free (or Cheap) at Community College

1. Community events and speakers

Moving to a new place is an expensive endeavor. Once all the bills associated with building and dismantling a new home are paid, exploring sounds is fun — and expensive.

But there are free ways to immerse yourself in your new surroundings that don’t include expensive bars and restaurants. Community colleges regularly host fun and interesting events, often at no charge. Think “community talks” with interesting guest speakers, get-togethers around a book or game, and educational opportunities such as stargazing in the school’s planetarium.

2. Lifelong learning

Many community colleges (in addition to four-year colleges and universities) offer Free or reduced college fees for seniors.

While some institutions only allow senior students to review classes, many offer the opportunity to earn degree credits at a discount or waived altogether.

3. Free or cheap dental care

Dental schools are filled with students who need practice. By having your dental work done in an educational institution, you can save on hundreds of expensive procedures.

Many community colleges offer dental hygienist programs, which means you can يمكنك Get your teeth cleaned by student health experts at a fraction of the usual cost.

4. Help with resume writing

Are you looking for your first real job? If you are not sure How to write a CV or What to put in a cover letter, there is help. Community colleges frequently host resume writing workshops to help job seekers make the best possible impression.

5. Free and cheap exercise classes

Goodbye, gym membership for $80 a month! Yoga, Zumba, weight lifting, climbing walls, basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools. These are all on the menu on community college campuses, and are often available for free or much cheaper than retail gym fees.

6. Low cost premises rent

Do you know what community colleges have, too? space. Consider campus facilities if you’re planning an event such as a lunch for your civic group, a holiday party, or even a wedding. You’d be surprised how much more affordable community college places are than say, a local country club or restaurant banquet space.

7. Summer Camps for Kids

Every summer, kids celebrate the end of school while parents sweat in childcare coverage and Paying for Expensive Summer Camps. Community colleges offer a range of low-cost camps for all ages. Your little ones can immerse themselves in theater arts or learn programming, while senior graduates can enroll in a college boot camp to help transition into college. Check out what the local community college has to offer in the summer.

8. Foreign Language and ESL Classes

Have you always wanted to speak German? Are you planning a trip to another country and want to learn about the language? exist Lots of apps There are, but community colleges offer personalized language courses for these purposes only. For non-native speakers of English, community colleges have a range of courses to help new students and residents improve their English language skills.

Molly Morehead is senior editor at The Penny Hoarder.

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