Before Guitar Hero, players shook to Gitaroo Man

anytime wanted Be a rock star? The kind that is filled with superhero energy, who can take over the stage and hypnotize the crowd? In the early 2000s, it seemed like every video player wanted a piece of the imagination: to be in a band that toured the world, playing sold-out crowds, and having fans grumbled.

They may also know every single note and every lyric is memorized. For the mass audiences in the United States, this has been the driving force behind a long-range series of mega hits Guitar champ And the rock band. But this week marks the 20th anniversary of the insanely charged cult classic that preceded it all. That game was in 2001 Guitaro manDeveloped by Japanese game studio Koei.

Guitaro man It contained a lot of the superior design sensibilities of other rhythm games of the late ’90s and early 2000s, including the quirky PlayStation classic. Baraba the rapperKonami arcade feeling dance dance revolutioneven Space Channel 5, Sega Dreamcast exclusive about fighting aliens by distracting them with dance. Guitaro man He chose a different instrument: the guitar. And it wasn’t just about chopping. Guitar champMade you feel like a musician, but Guitaro man Captured the arrogance and energy of existence The Guitar champion.


The game is pure Japanese gaming bliss. Guitaro man It was released in Japan on June 21, 2001, and the following February in the United States on Sony’s PlayStation 2 console. Received critical acclaim from strong gaming publications such as edge And the next generation, who praised her energy, soundtrack, and unique artistic direction. It gained cult status almost immediately, thanks in part to its raucous cover art. But in a year full of heavy weights like Metal Gear Solid 2, Final Fantasy X, And the silent hill 2And the Guitaro man Slither under the radar. Two decades later, it has emerged as an icon of the weird, crazy, and rhythm-based games of that time period.


In the heart.. or in the middle Guitaro man He is a young boy named U-1, a total loser model who is bullied by his classmates. Both the story of coming of age and revenge, when Guitaro man U-1 starts doesn’t have a lot of possibilities. Soon after, a talking dog named Puma offered to teach him to play guitar. It doesn’t take long for Puma to reveal his true agenda: he’s “Planet Gitaroo’s last legendary hero,” and he possesses the Last Gitaroo, a legendary ax that’s powerful and full of magic.

If that wasn’t strange enough, a wave of enemies instantly attack Puma and U-1, who use Gitaroo to strike back. After the battle, Puma persuades U-1 to join him in the fight against the Gravillian Empire, which has captured Planet Gitaroo. The game takes you from a withdrawn young boy to a budding interplanetary champion in training – complete with the acquisition of a legendary guitar – in record time. While trying to save Planet Gitaroo, U-1 learns to play his instrument to “win” everyone, proving that he’s not only awesome, but also a legendary hero of galactic proportions.

the way of playing Guitaro man It’s similar to other rhythm games of the era: vibrant graphics with a series of prompts that roll across the screen. You attack and defend by timing each button press and swarm of combos to that scroll the screen. The guitar-infused J-pop track serves as a storyline for each level, as U-1 makes its way through the forces of the Gravillian Empire. A typical battle consists of three stages – charge, attack, and guard – simulating a traditional boss fight. The setting of each level evolves and interacts with both the song and the performance, creating a palpable sense of energy, a cascading wave of noise, all the way to the level finale. Did we mention that this game is nuts?


The game didn’t really stand a chance. It sold poorly in the US but did a little better in its native Japan, which is enough even for a supplement that didn’t make it in the US. Sony re-released the game on its first portable console, the PlayStation Portable, to miserable sales, too.

However, true to its classic setting, the game has become a touchstone for hardcore gamers and a rarity in vintage game collecting circles. While it is not impossible to find it today, it is also not easy unless you know where to look.


These days, rhythm games are experiencing ups and downs. Curiosity sometimes like melting Preserves the species on life support. However, perhaps the simulation aspect of music-related games is finally over. However, there is something to be said for the games that continue their modest lives without hitting the mainstream. Every now and then, a Guitaro man A thread will appear in a gaming forum extolling its uniqueness, or a YouTube video enthusiastically explaining the game’s music and storyline. You can do it on Spotify Find playlists that contain Guitaro man Battle Tracks Created by like-minded fans. All this is evidence that after 20 years, the game is still not forgotten, and it remains.

Perhaps it has to do with the transitional escape that distinguishes good games. So what if you’re not playing the guitar notes or jamming a band? at Guitaro manYou’re a rock star, a hero who literally saves the world.

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