How to watch a Microsoft Windows 11 event – and what to expect

there’s no file Leaving a lot of mystery for Windows 11, thanks to a file leaked last week الاسبوع. But there are still some outlines left to be shaded, particularly any improvements to Microsoft’s native apps, such as Office and Game Pass. And any time an operating system with more than a billion users gets an upgrade, even small changes can have a big impact. Here’s how to see for yourself on Thursday, and what you can expect to see.

how to watch

How to watch a part is easy enough. The event begins on Thursday, June 24, at 11 a.m. ET at Microsoft . events page, or you can probably turn it off in the company YouTube channel.

But what might you see? Well, it’s also not hard to tell, given that an early build leaked all over the Internet. This does not mean that all the secrets of Windows 11 have been revealed, especially since the changes so far are largely aesthetic. But Microsoft likely has a few surprises in store.

Windows to the future

In the meantime, though, the optical fix has some pretty amazing chops. It seems to simplify a lot of what you’re used to from Windows 10, particularly around the Start menu and taskbar. They’ve been moved to the center of the bottom of your screen, instead of the left side. (You can move them back if you prefer the current position.) You also won’t find a dedicated Cortana icon in the taskbar anymore, which neither do, because it was taking up some valuable real estate without much of a bonus.

Once you open the Start menu, you’ll find regular app icons instead of Windows 10’s dynamic Live Tiles. It’s a cleaner and less minimal design, albeit Hides most of the menu under separate button press. In (dare we say) Apple-y touch, the file and app menus in Windows 11 will have more rounded corners. The maximize button in app windows has been reworked to allow you to instantly snap windows side by side or at corners. According to Tom Warren on The Verge, Windows 11 also comes with a new bloopy startup sound And some are beautiful default backgrounds.

The Microsoft Store is expected to get a rework as well, although details on that are a bit more murky. rumors of Earlier this year Point out that Microsoft’s goal is to make the Store more attractive to developers. In the wake of legal scrum Between Apple and Epic Games on App Store policies, Microsoft takes care Position himself as the good man الرجل And encourage developers on its platform. In any case, there is clearly more Microsoft news to come, both at the Windows 11 event and beyond.

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