The system is fake. Here’s how not to let her steal the blind

In the 1950s, CEOs were paid about 20 times more than the average wages of their employees. Seems fair considering their nickname, right? Certainly.

Today, according to research by Bloomberg, the typical CEO of a Fortune 1000 earns 144 times more than the average worker. But wait, it gets worse: At Coca-Cola, CEO James Quincy hit a humiliating 1,621-fold.

The system is rigged, man. And over the past year, it’s gotten more and more clear. The rich are getting richer, and many of us are just trying to make ends meet.

You can ask to increase or try your chances of playing the lottery, but neither of these guarantees that it will work in your favor. So how can you get a slice of pie too? Here are some surefire ways you can stick with The Man.

1. Say goodbye to your big brick and mortar bank

Not that you will be surprised by this, but the place you can trust to keep your money safe and grow is to get rich by ripping you off.

First, they charge all those crazy fees. After that, they make a lot of interest on your money – but they only give you 0.05% (on average). Peanuts for the poor. billions to the bank.

So if you’re tired of getting robbed, find an account that won’t charge you ridiculous fees and earn you more interest on your savings – it’s your money, after all.

A discount card called Ambition It allows you to earn up to 5% cashback each time you swipe the card and up to 16 times the average interest on the money in your account. In addition, you will never pay the monthly account maintenance fee.

To see how much you can earn, enter your Email address here, link your bank account and add at least $10 to your account. And don’t worry. Your money is FDIC insured and under military grade encryption. This is a nerd talk about “that’s totally safe.”

2. Stop paying your credit card company

How much do you think a billionaire CEO of JPMorgan Chase earns? You don’t even want to know.

It’s best to stop giving your credit card company more of your money. They get richer and richer by ripping you off with high interest rates – some as high as 36%. But a website called AmOne want to help.

If you owe your credit card companies $50,000 or less, AmOne will match you with a low-interest loan that you can use to pay off each of your balances.

Benefit? You will have one bill left to pay each month. And since interest rates on personal loans are low (AmOne rates start at 3.49% APR), you’ll be out of debt. who – which Much faster. Plus: No credit card payment this month.

AmOne keeps your information confidential and secure, which is probably why after 20 years in the business, it still has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

It takes two minutes Find out if you qualify for up to $50,000 online. You need to give AmOne a real phone number in order to qualify, but don’t worry – they won’t send you spam emails with phone calls.

3. Stop paying for free services

Here’s a trick that Richie Riches World loves: Putting a fancy marketing term on a free service and charging you for it. The nerves of these people, seriously.

This is one that will really annoy you – paying for a credit monitoring service is not necessary for most people. You might be, because you know how important a good credit score is to buy a car, get a mortgage, or even start a business.

But if you’re looking to get your credit score back on track — or even if it’s on the right track and you want to raise it — stop paying anyone to monitor it for you. You can get the same help from a free site, like sesame credit.

Within two minutes, you’ll have access to your credit score, any debt-laden accounts, and a handful of personal tips to improve your score. You’ll even be able to spot any bugs holding you back (one in five reports has one).

James Cooper, of Atlanta, used Credit Sesame to raise his credit score by nearly 300 points in six months. * “They showed me all my inner workings – how to put the dots on the I and cross the T,” he said.

Get your credit score for free It takes less than two minutes.

4. Cancel your car insurance

How would you feel if you found out that your auto insurance company was charging you an extra fee of $500 each year?

Very upset, we’re sure. It’s just another cog in the machine working so hard to kill you.

So, call them. Abolish these thieves! But make sure you have better and cheaper insurance.

A website called It makes it extremely easy to compare car insurance rates. All you have to do is enter your zip code and age, and it will show you your options. Make sure to do this every six months so you can be confident that you are getting the best price.

By using, people saved an average of $489 per year.

Yeah. That might be $500 in your pocket just to take a few minutes See your options.

5. Fighting Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers

Do you think these upstairs billionaires are sitting pretty nicely on their money? Impossible – they invest and make it even more Millions.

It just doesn’t seem fair to have their own hedge fund managers who are making them richer every day. The system is not set up to make it easier for worker bees.

But with an app called stashYou can face these expensive brokers. It allows you to be a part of something that is usually exclusive to the richest – on Stash you can buy pieces from other companies for as little as $1.

That’s right – you can invest in parts of well-known companies, such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and more for as little as $1. The best part? If these companies win, you can too. Some companies even send you a check every three months for your share of the profits, called dividends

It takes two minutes Participation, which is completely safe. With Stash, all of your investments are protected by Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) – that’s the industry talk of, “Your money is safe.” 2

Additionally, when you use the link above, Stash will give you a $5 sign up bonus once you deposit $5 into your account. *

Carrie Faber is a staff writer for The Penny Hoarder.

1Not all shares are paid out, and there is no guarantee that dividends will be paid out each year.

2It should be noted that SIPC coverage does not insure against potential loss of market value.

For securities over $1,000, the fractional stock purchase starts at $0.05.

*Offer is subject to promotion terms and conditions. To be eligible to participate in this promotion and receive the bonus, you must successfully open an individual brokerage account in good standing, link a Funding Account to your Invest Account and deposit $5.00 into your Invest Account.

The Penny Hoarder is a paid affiliate/partner of Stash.

Investment advisory services provided by Stash Investments LLC, an investment advisory firm registered with the SEC. This material is distributed for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended to provide investment, legal, accounting or tax advice. Investing involves risks.

*Like Cooper, 60% of Credit Sesame members see an increase in their credit score; 50% see at least a 10 point increase, while 20% see at least a 50 point increase after 180 days.

Credit Sesame does not guarantee any of these results, and some may see a drop in their credit score. Any improvement in score is the result of many factors, including paying bills on time, keeping credit balances low, avoiding unnecessary inquiries, proper financial planning, and developing better credit habits.

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