The Kick ecosystem could become one of the largest cryptocurrency ecosystems in the world, and here’s why

The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving and setting new rules as it evolves. Five years ago, cryptocurrency exchanges could exist independently and develop as a separate structure. Today, however, individual companies are being replaced by whole ecosystems that are able to offer the customer a full range of services, a comprehensive one: from buying and selling cryptocurrencies to credits, loans, investments and much more. One of the most promising cryptocurrency ecosystems may be kick the ecosystem. In its first year of operation, the company has grown several times, launching its own token and pseudo-stablecoin, and continues to actively expand throughout Europe, the Pacific and Atlantic regions, the Near East and the Middle East. What unique opportunities does Kick Ecosystem provide to its customers?

From First Million Dollars to First Million: How the Kick Ecosystem Helps Traders Make Money

Kick Ecosystem is a complete cryptocurrency ecosystem that helps both newcomers and crypto professionals to earn stable income from transactions involving cryptocurrencies. The Kick ecosystem includes several core modules:

  • KickEX, a crypto exchange that operates as a spot market, but will soon add the ability to trade crypto-derivatives: futures and options;
  • KickICO, a fundraising platform for startups promoting their own fundraising model – AIO;
  • Cake Academy أكاديمية
  • Proprietary cryptocurrencies such as KICK token and KUSD, which are used in trade and as an internal payment method;
  • KickRef referral system that allows people with no trading experience to continue to earn from cryptocurrency;
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android, which will be released this summer that will not only include all the above aspects of the ecosystem, but will also add many mobile-specific tools in the future, such as, for example, NFC payment in offline stores .

The entire ecosystem is built to meet the needs of five main categories of customers.

Today, our ecosystem clients consist of experienced traders, new entrants, investors and long-term asset owners. We have developed several essential products designed for each of these audiences, allowing them all to earn a steady income based on their knowledge, skills and experience.‘,” says Ante Danilevsky, founder and CEO of Kick Ecosystem.

How Kick Ecosystem users can make an income today:

  1. Beginners. It’s called a special training resource Cake Academy أكاديمية Created for newcomers. It contains informational materials designed to independently learn about cryptocurrencies, trading, holding and other ways to make money. After completing the training, amateurs can try their skills on a demo account. If they do not have any problems with trading, then they can use a real account. Inexperienced users can also get a stable passive income by participating in the exchange’s referral program, even without making any deals themselves, but simply by attracting active traders to the exchange;
  2. Traders with experience in the stock market, but no experience in the crypto sector. The training materials at Kick Academy have been compiled just for them. Cryptocurrency tournaments are also organized where traders trade as a team, with the winners also receiving valuable prizes. Here, users can hone their skills with more experienced participants and watch the professionals in action. They can also practice on a KickEX demo account and use “fake” money;
  3. Experienced cryptocurrency traders can get more income by using smart orders and, soon, leverage trading, with significant savings on trading commissions and receiving KUSD tokens as cashback for trading on the exchange;
  4. Holders are people who buy KICK tokens and hold them for a long time with the intention of selling them later to other users;
  5. Investors. Individual and institutional investors will be able to invest in startups that are set to raise money on the new KickICO platform and get stable profits.

Speaking of which, Kick Ecosystem recently overhauled the functionality of the fundraising platform KickICO and introduced a new form of cryptocurrency investment that helps protect the interests of investors and shape a fair market price for startup project tokens.

AIO – Latest Cryptocurrency Investing Trend

The ICO boom of 2017-2018 exposed some of the main problems involved in investing in cryptocurrency, namely the abundance of fraudulent projects in the market and the unreasonable exaggeration of token prices, which ultimately led to massive losses of funds on the part of investors. According to Xangle’s researchInvestors have lost about $16 million since 2012 alone due to the actions of fraudsters. For this reason, the developers of Kick Ecosystem have created an entirely new type of crowdfunding AIO (Auction-Based Initial Offering).

Unlike ICOs, IEOs, IDOs, and other forms of fundraising, the price of the token for sale is not fixed, but is formed by the users themselves during the auction. The higher the demand for a token, the higher its price, and vice versa. Companies have no direct influence on the price of the token, which makes pre-selling the token at a discount of 50-80% useless. Thus, the price of the token is shaped by the market itself, through users’ bidding, due to the relevance and relevance of the products offered by the company, rather than the creators declaring their token price, which is disrupted as soon as it enters the secondary market by those who received early allocations with huge discounts .

To date, several AIO campaigns are launched on the KickICO website, including the KUSD campaign, which was started by the developers of Kick Ecosystem.

Kick v8 and KUSD – the main method of payment on the stock exchange

KICK v8 is an updated KickEX platform token that removes the ability to issue new tokens in its smart contract. The developers also added an automated token burn that occurs after each transaction and distributes a portion of the transferred tokens to all holders of KICK (Positive Stake Algorithm) tokens. This means that KICK token holders will receive a percentage of every KICK v8 token transaction made on the blockchain according to the share of the tokens they own. This turns the long-awaited staking into a KICK token.

We have decided to burn and liquidate 95% of all existing KICK tokens whether they are frozen or not. In mid-July, tokens and “beta” tokens received by the KickEX exchange as payment for a portion of the trading fee will be burned. While replacing the existing token with KICK v8, those addresses that previously received FrozenDrop will not be transferred to the new token contract and will remain “outside”. Thus, the current total token supply of 2,121,771,003,231 (2.1 trillion) will drop to just 15 billion, bringing the amount of tokens destroyed from 95% to over 99.93%.” Explained Kick Ecosystem founder and CEO Anti Danilevski. “I also think it is very important that the new KICK v8 token contract does not have a token issuance method. This means that no new KICK tokens will appear after the swap and the maximum supply is limited. KICK holders will not have to worry about their diluted stakes or the emergence of KICK tokens. The new ones are suddenly in circulation, and their shares, as a percentage, will begin to grow inevitably and continuously from the time of the swap. Combined, these changes make the KICK token a token of excessive deflation,” Ante Danilevski says.

Unlike deflationary coins already on the market (Safemoon, SHIB, Kishu and many more), where the number of tokens is in quadrillions and will take years or even decades to burn, the new KICK v8 token will have only 1.5 billion issuance after contract renewal, which is thousands less times and in some cases tens of thousands of times than competitors. For this reason, if the KICK v8 token is actively used, 20% to 40% of the total release can be burned within a year. If the demand for KICK v8 increases significantly as a result of the transition to a deflationary model, then we can expect an increase in the number of transactions, and the percentage of tokens burned in a year can exceed 50-60%.

In order to accelerate the deflationary model, 850 billion surplus KICK tokens will be burned before the token contract is renewed. The 1.2 trillion frozen tokens will not be transferred to the new contract, so they will also be destroyed. Moreover, the old KICK token will be swapped for the new KICK v8 in a ratio of 100:1, which will reduce the number of remaining tokens in circulation to just 1.5 billion.

KUSD It is a new type of cryptocurrency, which is inherently compatible with an exchange token, but has the characteristics of a fiat currency. The semi-stable token can be used as a means of payment within the ecosystem and as an investment tool. One of the most important characteristics of the KUSD token is yield cultivation: holders of this token will participate in the distribution of all coins and tokens that will be available for storage on the KickEX exchange and in mobile applications. For example, if token A distributes 1,000 coins each month to holders of the KickEX exchange, then between 10% and 50% will be distributed to holders of KUSD tokens. KUSD holders will not need to hold dozens of different tokens, but only own and hold KUSD on the KickEX exchange.

The token can be obtained in three ways: with cashback when trading on the KickEX exchange, purchased during an AIO campaign on KickICO, or after that, purchased on the KickEX exchange from other users.

Kick Mobile Superapp

Super Apps are trending in Asia, specifically in China, where one app can solve all your problems at once. A striking example of a super app is Grab, where you can order a taxi, courier, eat out, buy groceries, movie tickets, play the lottery in some countries, get points for your activity, get certificates for certain events, and book a table In a restaurant, and even book a hotel room. In the world of cryptocurrency, these types of apps do not exist, but Kick Superapp is being developed for this very purpose – to be a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency.

The initiation function of the application is a wallet, a trading terminal, the ability to purchase cryptocurrency with a card, and a quick transfer. This is a basic set of functions that will not shock anyone at this time, but in the near future KickRef’s built-in referral system will be added along with staking, topical news, correspondent, deposits and withdrawals through bank transfers, the ability to withdraw dollars, euros, rubles, pounds and other currencies on Bank cards. The next stage will be the implementation of an internal payment system and a plastic card for payment in cryptocurrency at offline outlets, like a regular bank card. Further development of Kick Superapp is being kept, but we can already say with confidence that Kick Superapp will have more functionality and features than all current cryptocurrency apps combined.

As expected, both KICK v8 and KUSD will be actively used as the main payment method on the Kick Mobile Superapp

kick the ecosystem

We can now definitively affirm that Kick Ecosystem, when considering all the above products, is an innovative crypto platform that offers completely new and unique solutions to the crypto market. Thanks to its own developments, the platform is able to compete with the sharks of the market and become one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

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