My conversation with Jenny Konyon about the Holy Spirit

Old listeners or new listeners may remember who came back and listened to our old episodes One of our early episodes We had Jenny Konyon on the show as a special guest to talk about how to be a happier mom! Well Jenny is back again this week to discuss it new book – How you were brought up, what it means to rely on the Holy Spirit, and how it can change your life.

Jenny shares many great points during our conversation such as how the Holy Spirit is available in all of us as Christians but is not necessarily active in all of us. We can get in the way and get in the way of the Holy Spirit, she talks about what it means to cooperate with him and follow his admonitions, even if we feel we have to step out of our comfort zones to do so.

We also talk about how to go about determining whether the calling really comes from the Holy Spirit or if it comes from our own agendas. I give an example from my own life of a time when this wasn’t obvious, and Jenny gives some advice on how to make that decision. She concludes by explaining how to acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis, an insight that I hope you will find useful so that you too can do the same!

My biggest wish in this episode is that you will really step back and ask yourself if you are pursuing your own agenda or if you recognize and hear the presence of the Holy Spirit.

In this episode:

[0:33] – We have a special guest today – back Guest Jenny Konyon!

[2:43] Jenny shares some basic information about herself with us.

[5:18] What does it mean to rely on the Holy Spirit?

[8:24] – Jenny stresses that one of the roles of the Holy Spirit in our lives is to use the map and compass.

[10:48] – Ginny compared the Holy Spirit to being a close friend.

[12:41] I meditate when I realized what it means to rely on the Holy Spirit within me.

[15:23] An example from the Bible about the work of the Holy Spirit.

[16:34] The difference between the Holy Spirit being available and effective.

[19:25] Jenny explains the word conviction And what does it mean to her.

[21:38] – How to determine whether the calling comes from the Holy Spirit or not.

[27:33] – We learn how Jenny acknowledges the presence of the Holy Spirit every day.

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